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Saab 340b Interior
Saab 340b Interior
Saab 340b



Max Payload

7,500 lbs



Take off distance

4,429 ft



Climb rate

2,000 ft/min



Cruise speed

325 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

25,000 ft

Saab 340B Charter Flight Information

With a dispatch reliability rating of 99 per cent, a Saab 340B is the private jet charter of choice for corporate travelers who need dependable, no-nonsense charter flight solutions. This pressurized twin-turboprop can accommodate 30 passengers in exceptional comfort, and is an ideal option for short- or medium-range corporate missions. Your team will appreciate the ample cabin space— there’s 1,180 cubic feet of freedom—this quality aircraft provides. It measures:

  • 34 feet long
  • seven feet wide
  • six feet tall (plenty of standing headroom)

Additionally, there’s 295 cubic feet of storage space in an aft compartment. Combined with further storage spaces under the seats and in the overhead bins, no one will have to worry about what they bring. On average, each passenger will have about 11 cubic feet of luggage space. For further convenience, the cabin also features a forward galley and aft lavatory. The Saab 340B is an upgraded version of the original 340A. The Swedish-based manufacturer unveiled it in 1989. Among its key improvements were:

  • More powerful engines
  • Active noise control system
  • Improved horizontal stabilizers

Powered by a pair of General Electric CT7-9B turboprop engines—each one generates 1,870 shaft-horsepower—the Saab 340B cruises along at a standard speed of 290 mph up to a maximum range of 935 nautical miles. Its maximum cruise speed is 312 mph. The improved GE power plants also gave the Saab 340B better hot-and-high airport performance and an increased MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight).

Introducing the 340B Plus

Later on, in 1994, Saab unveiled yet another iteration of the 340, known as the 340B Plus. This model features a more stylish cabin and efficient layout that resulted in more room in the aft storage compartment. In subsequent years, Saab has diligently kept up with its customer support of these aircraft. Many charter operators have since upgraded the cabins with LED lighting packages and improved seating options to provide additional legroom and comfort. For more than a quarter of a century, the Saab 340B has delivered tremendous value to corporate enterprises looking for cost-effective air travel solutions. Due to its turboprop design, it consumes significantly less fuel than comparable jet-powered aircraft. And while it doesn’t manage the same cruising speed of its turbofan counterparts, the difference in flight times is negligible when you consider its intended range.

You're Safe with Stratos Jets

Furthermore, the Saab 340B was designed for use in the commercial airline industry. As such, it’s built to the highest safety standards available. When you book charter flights with Stratos Jets, we prescreen every aircraft to ensure it provides the widest margin of safety possible. As an air charter broker, we are certified by both ARGUS and Wyvern, two of the foremost safety-auditing firms in our industry. By enrolling in these voluntary programs, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to:

  • Adhering to best practices
  • Promoting client education
  • Operating with transparency

When you talk to a Stratos charter associate, you’ll understand why we’re regarded as an industry leader in customer service. We do more than just book charter flights. We plan out every detail of your itinerary so you can enjoy hassle-free air travel.

Saab 340B Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Saab 340A

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6 ft

Cabin width

7.1 ft

Cabin Length

34.1 ft

Baggage Internal

295 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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