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Booking ATR 72 Charter Flights

In the world of private jet charters, it’s widely known that it is far less expensive to operate a turboprop than a turbofan engine. This is one of the key value propositions of the ATR 72, a twin-engine aircraft produced by French-Italian manufacturer ATR (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale, in Italian, or Avions de transport regional in French). ATR 72 charter flights are ideal for short-haul operations for anywhere up to 78 passengers. They are typically configured to hold 72, hence the production name. To create this aircraft, the manufacturer took the smaller, 42-seat ATR 42 and lengthened the fuselage by 15 feet. Of course, this required several other design adjustments, including:

  • Expanding the wingspan
  • Mounting it with more powerful engines
  • Increasing fuel capacity

The spacious cabin of the ATR 72 measures:

  • 63 feet long
  • 8.43 feet wide
  • 6.23 feet tall

In fact, this aircraft boasts the widest cabin in its class.

A Cost-effective Charter Flight Solution

When the ATR 72 was launched in 1989, it quickly earned a reputation as an economical regional airliner. It could meet the transport demands of smaller feeder routes while still turning a profit for the companies that operated it. Additionally, it is a remarkably reliable aircraft, boasting a class-leading 99 per cent dispatch rating. Since then, many companies and corporations have started to realize the cost-effective nature of this aircraft and have begun using it for short-range charter flights. If you need to move a lot of people or things (it also serves as a useful cargo aircraft), the ATR 72 is a solid choice. The original model of the ATR 72, known as the -200, came with a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B engines, rated at 2,400 shaft-horsepower each. A later variant in the 200 series, called the -210, featured more powerful PW127 engines (rated at 2,750 SHP). It also featured improved:

  • Hot-and-high airport performance
  • Short airfield capabilities
  • Cabin sound insulation
  • Cabin air conditioning

The latest version of the ATR 72 is the -600 model. It too comes equipped with the PW127 power plants, which give it a:

  • Maximum range of 825 nautical miles
  • Maximum cruise speed of 316 mph
  • Minimum takeoff distance of 4,373 feet
  • Climb rate of 1,355 feet/minute
  • Maximum payload of 16,534 pounds

The 600 model also features an all-glass cockpit and state-of-the-art avionics that reduces pilot fatigue and increased situational awareness.

Flight Planning Made Easy

If your company would benefit from the practicality and economy of an ATR 72 charter flight, reach out to one of our Stratos Jets air charter associates. We take the stress out of the flight planning process by acting as your liaison with the charter operators. Our agents have a thorough understanding of the performance capabilities of a broad assortment of aircraft across all market segments. This enables us to pair you with the ideal charter aircraft. Furthermore, we follow a rigorous set of air charter safety protocols so you fly with complete peace of mind. When you fly with Stratos, you can expect:

  • Independent safety audit of your aircraft
  • Full FAA certification by the charter operator
  • Charter operator background checks using our Approved Vendor Program

Stratos Jets also offers a full range of concierge services to help you enjoy your flight just the way you like it. Some of the service options include:

  • Arranging inflight catering
  • Coordinating ground transfers
  • Making hotel and restaurant bookings

ATR 72: Aircraft Charter Specifications

CABIN LENGHT 63.00 ft ft

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