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ATR - France

Max Payload

9,479 lb



Take off distance

3,822 ft



Climb rate

1,320 ft/min



Cruise speed

280 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude


ATR 42 Private Jet Charter Flight Information

ATR 42 Charter Flight Information

The ATR 42 is a short-haul regional airliner designed and built by an Italian-French manufacturer by the name of Aerei da Trasporto Regionale (Italian) or Avions de transport regional (French). This twin turboprop aircraft is available in several models. Each one is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, in combination with four-blade Hamilton Standard propellers:

  • 300 model: PW120, 2,000 shaft-horsepower
  • 320 model: PW121, 2,100 shp
  • 500 model: PW127E, 2,400 shp

Introduced in 1985, the original ATR 42-300 quickly established itself as a cost-effective regional airliner that:

  • Is simple to operate and maintain
  • Costs less to operate (up to 20 per cent less compared to some competitors)
  • Seats up to 52 passengers

Additionally, the 300 model boasts a maximum cruise speed of 304 mph and an economical cruise speed of 280 mph. In its standard configuration, the ATR 42 seats 42 passengers (as the name suggests) in two rows, two seats abreast. The spacious cabin features:

  • Forward and aft baggage compartments
  • Aft galley
  • Aft lavatory

Flexible Flight Planning Options

For increased hot-and-high airport performance, ATR introduced the 320 model, outfitted with PW121 turboprop engines. This version also benefitted from improved short runway performance. As a result, this model opens up a broader range of airport options, helping diversify mission possibilities. ATR further enhanced the 42 series with the introduction of the 500 model in 1995. This aircraft featured a number of notable enhancements, including:

  • PW127E engines
  • Six-blade propellers
  • EFIS cockpit
  • Redesigned cabin interior

In addition to an increase to its maximum cruising speed (350 mph), the added performance also gave the 500 considerably longer range (up to 716 nautical miles) when fully loaded. Both the 300 and 320 had a fully loaded range of about 460 nm. Since their introduction, more than 400 ATR 42s have been sold worldwide. Available in both Europe and North America, they’re a value-added choice for anyone in need of hassle-free air travel solutions, including:

  • Touring rock bands
  • Sports teams
  • Group corporate charter flights

Booking ATR 42 Charter Flights with Stratos Jets

Talk to a Stratos Jets private flight advisor to book your charter flights with ease. We handle every aspect of the flight planning process so you can focus on your business. This includes:

  • Sourcing appropriate aircraft
  • Selecting the airport nearest your final destination
  • Arranging airport ground transfers
  • Coordinating inflight meal plans

To further refine your flying experience, our Trip Support department will happily arrange an array of convenient concierge services. If you need to book a conference center for a business conference, or if you need to arrange a group reservation for a restaurant, all you have to do is ask. Furthermore, we prescreen every air charter operator that we work with to ensure they meet our standards for air charter safety. Before we recommend a vendor, they must demonstrate:

  • Proven operational history
  • Aircraft maintenance records
  • Financial stability
  • Liability coverage

Charter operators must also provide valid FAA certification. For group charter flights on an ATR 42, they must hold Part 121/380 certification. And before we book any charter flight, we bring in an independent safety auditing company to conduct an aircraft safety inspection.

ATR 42 Charter Rates (Per hour)

  • • One-way

  • • Round-trip

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

ATR 42

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6.30 ft

Cabin width

8.50 ft

Cabin Length

48.40 ft

Passenger Seating


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