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Interior Citation CJ1
Citation CJ Above Mountains | Stratos Jets Charters, Inc.
Exterior Citation CJ1



Max Payload

3,080 lb


Light Jet

Take off distance

3,280 ft



Climb rate

3,290 ft/min



Cruise speed

433 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

41,000 ft

Citation 525 Jet Charter Information

Based upon the original Cessna Citation I, the Citation 525 continues the evolution of what has become one of the most successful lines of business jets of all time. More commonly known as the CitationJet, this aircraft gave rise to numerous variants, including the:

  • CJ1
  • CJ1+
  • M2
  • CJ2
  • CJ2+
  • CJ3
  • CJ3+
  • CJ4
  • CJ4+

In total, Cessna has built more than 1,800 of these aircraft, and several offerings remain in production today (M2, CJ3+, CJ4). As a twin-engine light charter jet, the Citation 525 delivers exceptional versatility and comfort, along with low operating costs. For business travelers who want cost-effective charter flights, without sacrificing luxury or performance, this is a solid option. Even though it’s regarded as an entry-level light jet, the CitationJet is a solid performer. Thanks to its Williams FJ44-1AP engines, it achieves:

  • Cruising speeds of 437 mph
  • A range up to 1,300 nautical miles
  • Minimum takeoff distance of 3,210 feet
  • Landing distance of 2,590 feet

A Quiet, Comfortable Cabin Environment

Thanks to the addition of acoustic-blanket soundproofing, the interior of the Citation 525 is as quiet as it is comfortable. There’s plenty of room for six passengers, and the cabin provides just the right environment for executives who need to catch up on some work during their flight. And while the CitationJet’s fuselage is slightly shorter than the original Citation I, it features a lowered center aisle, which provides more headroom for additional inflight comfort. For shorter charter flights and regional travel, the Citation 525 is a logical choice. For instance, if you’re considering a private jet charter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, this business jet will handle the mission with ease. At Stratos Jets, our skilled private flight advisors are capable of sourcing aircraft that are well-positioned and well-equipped to meet your jet charter needs. Whether that’s the Citation 525, another competitor in the light jet category, or a different class of private jet altogether, we always strive to find the most suitable aircraft, at the most competitive jet charter rates.

 The Stratos Jets Difference

By choosing Stratos Jets, you’ll also benefit from different private jet charter pricing options, including:

  • On-demand jet charters: pay on a trip-by-trip basis
  • Stratos Jet Card Membership: Fixed-rate pricing for predictable budgeting

With a network of more than 5,000 private jets to choose from in the United States (and more worldwide), it doesn’t matter where you’re flying from, or where your final destination may be. We specialize in:

  • Last-minute jet charter flights
  • Short-range charter flights
  • Ultra-long distance charters
  • Group charter flights

Additionally, our charter agents are available around the clock so you can begin the flight planning process whenever you’re ready. We pride ourselves on providing a consistently high level of customer service, and we always listen to our clients’ needs to ensure your charter flight experience exceeds your expectations. Stratos Jets also places great importance on air charter safety. We’re renowned as an industry leading for taking a proactive approach to safety. And it begins the moment you contact one of our agents. Before we recommend an aircraft, we carefully screen the operating company to ensure they meet the standards of our Approved Vendor Program. This includes:

  • Holding valid FAA Part 135 certification
  • Providing aircraft maintenance records
  • Utilizing highly trained pilots
  • Adhering to industry best practices

Citation 525 Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Citation 525

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

4.75 ft

Cabin width

4.80 ft

Cabin Length

11 ft

Baggage Internal

4 cu ft

Baggage External

51 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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