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Legacy Jet Private Flight Specifications
Legacy 600 Private Jet Charter



Max Payload

5,193 lb


Heavy Jets

Take off distance

5,614 ft



Climb rate

3,052 ft/min



Cruise speed

502 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

41,000 ft

Embraer Legacy 600 Private Jet Charter Flight Information

The Embraer Legacy 600/EMB-135BJ private jet charter is a leading heavy jet from the reputable line of the Brazilian manufacturer's business aircraft division. With a range of up to 3,400 nautical miles, the Legacy 600 carries business executives nonstop from:

  • Dallas to Seattle
  • White Plains to Geneva
  • Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco

Embraer subsequently released the Legacy 650, a longer-range version of the 600 giving. It boasts a maximum range of 3,900 nm. In comparison to other business jets in its class, the Legacy 600 offers a particularly spacious and sophisticated cabin environment, suitable for:

  • Business meetings
  • Inflight dinners
  • Entertaining

With its incredible 42-foot cabin length, the Embraer Legacy 600 has a typical configuration that can comfortably handle eight to 14 passengers, including room for a flight attendant and two pilots. Using an airframe that was originally designed for use as a small commercial airliner, it’s not surprising that the cabin floor plan of the Legacy 600 is typically configured into three separate sections. This arrangement is perfect for performing multiple business functions simultaneously, as well as privacy. When it comes to reliability, Embraer is a trusted brand in the private aviation field. In particular, the Legacy 600 has an enviable mechanical performance record, boasting 99.7% dispatch reliability. If you need a dependable private jet charter, this is one option that shouldn’t be overlooked. The 600 is also a proven performer. A pair of Rolls-Royce AE 3007/A1E turbofan engines power this executive jet, giving it a maximum cruising speed of 608 mph. It normally cruises at 593 mph, which is well above average for a heavy jet. At sea level, the Embraer Legacy requires 5,614 feet of required runway space and climbs at a rate of 3,052 feet-per-minute up to a maximum service ceiling of 41,000 feet. When you climb aboard the Legacy 600, you’ll immediately notice Embraer’s tasteful cabin refinements, such as:

  • High quality varnish and veneer selections
  • Elegant trim design
  • Side-storage pockets on seats
  • Seats with full berthing capability

Another thing you’ll quickly come to appreciate is the quiet cabin. Embraer utilized state-of-the-art noise insulation to keep engine noise and vibrations to a minimum so you can enjoy a relaxing private jet charter experience. And despite its roomy cabin, the Embraer Legacy still features a class-leading inflight accessible baggage compartment. In total, there is 286 cubic feet of baggage capacity, allowing you to bring all of your luxury travel essentials with you. During a long-distance flight, you need to eat. You’ll be able to dine in fine style as this private jet charter comes equipped with a full galley. It also features the largest lavatory in its class. The Legacy 600 also comes packed with technological treats. At its core is the Honeywell Ovation Select cabin management system, which features:

  • Broadband (432 kbps) high-speed data
  • Global access to email, Internet and instant messaging
  • Wi-Fi
  • Full HD video
  • iPhone/iPod docking stations
  • XM Radio
  • Blu-ray
  • HD LCD screens

This private jet charter also gives you the ability to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world.


Embraer Legacy 600 Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Embraer Legacy 600

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6 ft

Cabin width

6.9 ft

Cabin Length

42.5 ft

Baggage Internal

286 cu ft

Baggage External

0 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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