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Airbus A320-200 private charter
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Airbus A320-200 Group Charter Flights

When the original Airbus A320-200 entered the market in 1998, it set a new standard for single-aisle jet liners. It has since become the best selling aircraft in the 320 family due to its high level of comfort and operating economy on short- to medium-haul routes. In total, Airbus has produced nearly 4,400 of these aircraft, and the total current order volume for this model exceeds 8,000. With a range of 3,300 nautical miles, the A320-200 serves equally well as a regional commuter airliner as it does when tasked with handling coast-to-coast charter flights in the US. While the Airbus A320-200 features a standard cabin configuration of 150 passengers in two classes, it can accommodate up to 180 in a higher-density arrangement. Its cabin, which features the widest fuselage in its class, measures:

  • 90 feet, 3 inches long
  • 12 feet, 1 inch wide
  • 7 feet, 3 inches tall

As a result of the wider fuselage, there are plenty of seating arrangement options aboard an Airbus A320-200. It’s possible to arrange seat rows to be four-, five- or six-abreast. And no matter which passenger density you choose, there’ll always be plenty of storage, both in the cargo hold and overhead storage bins.

Setting a New Standard

When Airbus introduced the A320, it became the first commercial aircraft to utilize digital fly-by-wire flight control systems. The advantages were many:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Smoother flights
  • Fewer mechanical parts
  • Lower maintenance costs

Additionally, Airbus outfitted the aircraft with lighter composite materials and improved aerodynamics. As a result, it offers tremendous economy and range. For instance, you can fly from anywhere to anywhere in the continental US without having to stop for fuel. Other sample itineraries include:

  • New York to London
  • Dallas to Anchorage
  • Seattle to Mexico City

Powering the Airbus A320-200 is one of two engine types: CFM International CFM56 or International Aero Engines V2500. Either of these powerful turbofan power plants allow the aircraft to achieve cruising speeds of 511 mph and cruising altitudes of 39,000 feet. There aren’t many aircraft that can lay claim to the Airbus A320 series’ safety record. In total, these aircraft have racked up more than 150 million flight hours, earning a reputation for reliability as a result.

You’re Safe with Us

To provide added assurance to our clients, Stratos Jets brings in an independent safety auditor to examine an Airbus A320-200 charter aircraft before we will recommend it to a client. Furthermore, we have developed an in-house safety auditing program—known as the Approved Vendor Program—that we use to verify the credentials and capabilities of every charter operator that we partner with. From charter safety to passenger comfort, we ensure every aspect of your group charter flights meet your particular travel requirements. This includes:

  • Choosing aircraft with the desired business and/or entertainment amenities
  • Selecting the most convenient airport for your destination
  • Coordinating any additional concierge services to make your journey enjoyable

If you have any special requests for your charter flights—such as a passenger who requires assistance with mobility, or you’re travelling with a pet—our Trip Support department will make sure you’re taken care of.


Airbus A320-200: Aircraft Charter Specifications

MANUFACTURER Airbus - Europe
CABIN WIDTH 12.10 ft

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