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Truly a mansion in the sky, the exciting new Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 777X private airliner is the peak of private jet travel! This opulent aircraft can travel halfway around the globe, with all the comforts of a world-class luxury hotel.

Built to replace the very successful Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet series, the Boeing 777X jet charter has been redesigned from the ground up with one focus: to travel further, faster in extraordinary comfort. “Our most exclusive customers want to travel with the best space and comfort and fly directly to their destination,” said Greg Laxton, the head of Boeing Business Jets. “The new BBJ 777X is… redefining ultra-long-range VIP travel.”


New technologies have vastly improved the 777X’s range. The venerable 747 Jumbo jet was capable of a highly-regarded 8,350-mile range. Boeing has since improved the wing shape, fuel capacity, and engine efficiency. There are two variants in the 777X line: the 777-8, capable of an amazing 13,400 miles, and the 777-9, which can travel 12,700 miles.

As Boeing boasts, the new airliners can connect virtually any two cities in the world, non-stop.


The grandeur of the aircraft’s interior staggers the imagination. The 777X has about 3200 square feet of cabin space, about the size of a large suburban home. There is no standard interior configuration; Boeing leaves customization up to the purchaser. However, Boeing contacted 3 design firms to render possible interior layouts. The concepts range from ascetic clean white décor to elegant wood, granite and leather designs.

Here’s what they have in common:

  • Grand entrance
  • Spacious dining room for 8 to 12 guests
  • Lounge and bar
  • Office/meeting area
  • Lavatories with stand-up showers and separate vanities, stylishly designed with tile and stone.
  • Large closets (even a walk-in closet in one example)
  • Master bedroom suite with a large plush bed

Performance and Specifications

The extraordinary interior of the Boeing 777X is matched by its performance statistics. This jet is designed as a flying manor with a blend of range, speed and efficiency

Range: The 777-8 is capable of 13,400 miles, and the 777-9, can travel 12,700 miles, depending on speed and weather. In real-world terms, this means you could easily fly from Sydney to London, or Seattle to Dubai, non-stop.

Speed: Top speed is .85 Mach (652 mph), typical high-altitude cruising speed is 644 mph.

Efficiency: The powerful new General Electric GE9X engines are made with an innovative ceramic matrix composite. As a result, the engines have reduced noise and emissions, and are 5% more fuel-efficient than previous engines.

The Boeing 777-X jet charter is the new standard in global private airliner travel. Quite simply, this remarkable jet lets you go wherever you want, in extraordinary comfort.

Boeing 777x: Aircraft Charter Specifications


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