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Round Trip One Way Multi-City
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Merlin III
Merlin III
Merlin III



Max Payload

4,287 lb



Take off distance

4,400 ft



Climb rate

2,700 ft/min



Cruise speed

283 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

28,000 ft

Merlin III Charter Flight Information

Produced by Swearingen (and later by Fairchild), the Merlin III twin turboprop is the ultimate utility aircraft available for private charter. This remarkable workhorse is capable of carrying as much as 4,287 pounds of payload over a 1,938 nautical-mile range. As such, it’s the ideal aircraft for business executives or companies transporting heavy cargo across the country. Under lighter loads, the Merlin III is capable of flying up to 2,346 nautical miles nonstop. Frequent charters of the aircraft include round-trip charter flights to Los Angeles from San Diego. It’s also a useful aircraft for corporate travelers who need to make multiple short-hop flights without refuelling. Inside the spacious cabin, the Merlin III can accommodate as many as 14 passengers in complete safety and total comfort. However, this aircraft is typically configured for between eight and 11 passengers. With a standard cruising speed of 312 mph (its maximum cruise speed is an impressive 345 mph), travelers know they will reach their destination safely, and on time. The Merlin III’s power comes from a pair of Honeywell TPE331-3 turboprops, each one delivering 840 shaft-horsepower. Later versions featured even more powerful (900 shp) dash-10 variants of the same engine.

Fly Fast and Far in a Merlin III

One of the more remarkable aspects of the Merlin III is its fuel efficiency. Despite its ability to fly nearly as fast as some light jets, it uses considerably less fuel. For corporate travelers who like to fly fast, far and in complete comfort, it’s difficult to find a better option than this. While Ed Swearingen’s original Merlin aircraft were based upon the Beechcraft Queen Air series, the Merlin III was a completely new concept when it entered production in the early 1970s. Its cabin, which measures five feet wide and 23 feet long, is one of the most comfortable in its class. Additionally, this turboprop is relatively quiet. Cabin pressurization is another advantage of this aircraft. Passengers will feel like their at sea level up to an altitude of nearly 17,000 feet. At its maximum service ceiling of 27,000, the cabin pressure remains equivalent to 7,400 feet.

The Stratos Jets Difference

For more information about the Merlin III, or other turboprop charter planes, call Stratos Jet Charters. Our knowledgeable private flight advisors will take the time to determine your precise travel requirements before suggesting potential charter aircraft. Whether you’re travelling on business, or for leisure, we understand the needs of our clients. When you fly with Stratos Jets, you’ll enjoy:

  • Choice of flexible departure times
  • Guaranteed aircraft availability
  • Options for on-demand travel or jet card memberships
  • Helpful concierge services

We have access to a worldwide network of more than 5,000 prescreened aircraft. So, no matter where you’re flying from, or to, we will arrange the most streamlined itinerary possible. Furthermore, we place tremendous value in the trust our clients place in us. We go to great lengths to ensure the aircraft we source are:

  • Maintained to a high standard
  • Operated by a reputable vendor
  • Piloted by two highly trained pilots

Whether it’s a Merlin III or any other aircraft, we also require an independent safety audit for all charter flights that we arrange.

Merlin III Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Merlin III

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

4.8 ft

Cabin width

5.1 ft

Cabin Length

25.4 ft

Baggage Internal

107 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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