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Business Jet Challenger 601



Max Payload

6,415 lb


Heavy Jets

Take off distance

5,400 ft



Climb rate

4,200 ft/min



Cruise speed

584 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

41,000 ft

Challenger 601 Private Jet Charter Flight Information

The Challenger 601 business jet is a member of the highly successful Challenger 600 series of jets produced by Canadian multinational Bombardier Aerospace Company. These long-range heavy jets are designed to provide the utmost in passenger comfort. The 601 is the second edition of the original 600, and it began production in 1983. Its main advantage over its predecessor is a longer range. The aircraft’s designers achieved this through a combination of:

  • More powerful engines
  • Drag-reducing winglets
  • Higher capacity fuel tanks

Through these improvements, the Challenger 601 featured the true transoceanic range that the original model couldn’t quite live up to. The result is a business jet that:

  • Has a longer range
  • Flies faster
  • Is more reliable

To look at it another way, the Challenger 601 is capable of flying between almost any two continental cities in the US without stopping for fuel. It can fly up to 3,500 nautical miles, or up to 10 hours, nonstop.

An Upgrade of the Original

As mentioned, the Genenral Electric CF43 turbofans also give the Challenger 601 a significant boost in cruise speed. It boasts a maximum cruise speed of 528 mph, as well as a long-range cruise speed of 489 mph. Despite being an elder statesman among the heavy jets available for private jet charters, the Challenger 601 still holds its own in terms of cabin comfort. The 600 series was the first to employ a wide-body cabin design. This advancement offers business jet travelers a heightened level of comfort, as it allows them to move freely about the cabin. This was greatly appreciated by those travelling on long-haul flights. The cabin interior of the Challenger 601 measures:

  • 28 feet long
  • More than eight feet wide
  • More than six feet tall

In particular, the standup headroom makes it so that taller passengers will fly in comfort. And while the preferred cabin configuration is a double-club arrangement for eight passengers, the 601 accommodates up to 19 passengers when called for. In terms of storage, the Challenger 601 has 115 cubic feet of space. That’s plenty for passengers to bring all of the travel essentials with them.

The Quiet Business Jet

Another cabin refinement that sets the Challenger 601 apart from its competitors is its quietness. For those who don’t want to be distracted when they travel, the whisper-like interior of the 601 is like a refuge at 41,000 feet. It creates an environment that’s conducive to:

  • Conducting business meetings in the air
  • Enjoying inflight entertainment options
  • Catching a few winks so you arrive refreshed at your destination

Other thoughtful design features in the Challenger 601 business jet include:

  • Deluxe galley
  • Full, private lavatory
  • Subtle cabin lighting

And as much as clients like riding in the Challenger 601, pilots love flying these business jets. They’re renowned throughout the private aviation industry for:

  • Easy handling
  • Advanced avionics
  • All-glass cockpit

In addition to its handling characteristics, the 601 has a service ceiling of 41,000 feet. The result is a safer, smoother flight because it allows pilots to rise above inclement weather. This altitude is also well above the bulk of commercial air traffic.  

Challenger 601 Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Challenger 600 601

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6.1 ft

Cabin width

8.17 ft

Cabin Length

28.25 ft

Baggage Internal

115 cu ft

Baggage External

0 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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