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Max Payload

2,015 lb


Light Jet

Take off distance

3,907 ft



Climb rate

3,770 ft/min



Cruise speed

531 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

45,000 ft

Beechjet 400 Jet Charter

Beechjet 400 executive jets provide safe and reliable air travel for business executives on the go.

Created by the Raytheon Beechcraft Aircraft Company, Beechjet 400 executive jets were designed as an improvement to the Mitsubishi Diamond II aircraft. This light business jet has ample seating for seven to nine business executives and offers an enclosed lavatory for added comfort.

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney JT15D turbofans, the Beechcraft took to the skies in 1985, and featured a number of improvements over its Mitsubishi predecessor:

  • Redesigned interior
  • Increased fuel capacity
  • Longer range

With a maximum cruise speed of 510 mph and a range of 1,693 nautical miles, this luxury jet can meet the needs of demanding business itineraries and luxury leisure travelers. For example, the Beechjet 400 is capable of non-stop air charter service between places like:

  • Chicago to Houston
  • New York to Orlando
  • Seattle to San Diego

The Beechjet 400 boasts some of the best luggage capacity in the executive light jet class. Additionally, it features impressive cabin space so passengers can relax (or get down to business) while commuting. Some of the in-cabin amenities include:

  • Executive tables
  • Refreshment storage
  • All-leather seating

Beechjet 400 Executive Jets Still a Solid Choice

Production of the Beechjet 400 continued until 1989, when it was superseded by the 400A (deliveries of these executive jets began in 1990). Building off of the sturdy design of the 400, the 400A incorporated a number of improvements:

  • Higher maximum takeoff weight
  • Greater operating ceiling
  • Increased cabin volume
  • Improved avionics suite

Over 17 years of production, Beechcraft produced more than 400 business jets in the 400/400A class. Despite its age (the last one rolled off the production line in 2003), the Beechjet remains a solid choice for business executives who want a safe and reliable private jet that puts you where you need to be with the convenience of a direct flight.

Beechjet 400 Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Beechjet 400 1

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

4.92 ft

Cabin width

4.76 ft

Cabin Length

20.73 ft

Baggage Internal

53 cu ft

Baggage External

0 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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