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Citation Latitude Jet Charter Flights
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Max Payload

3,200 lbs


Super Mid Sized

Take off distance

4,810 ft



Climb rate

2,550 f/m



Cruise speed

555 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

45,000 ft

Citation Longitude Private Jet Charter Flight Information

Citation Jet Charters

Elevate your super-midsize jet expectations with Cessna’s exceptional Citation Longitude.

Take everything you love about the Citation Latitude—its spacious interior that revolutionized the super-midsize jet class design and high-tech cabin management system—and make it even more impressive. That’s what you get with the Citation Longitude. Certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2019, the Citation Longitude boasts an interior even more spacious than the then-record-setting Citation Latitude. The Citation Longitude’s cabin measures:
  • Six feet tall
  • 77 inches wide
  • 25 feet and two inches long
Even the most discerning business traveler will appreciate this spacious cabin that can comfortably seat up to 12, depending on configuration, with room to move around and unwind while in the air. And Cessna’s modern interior design also spreads to the outside of the Citation Longitude. The stylish Longitude features a swept wing and T-tail design that help give the Longitude its combination of flair and performance.

The Best in Super-Midsize Cabin Management Systems  

The cabin management system you know and love just got better. Equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, an inflight entertainment system, and the ability to control individual cabin features—including everything from window shades to movies, music, cabin temperature, and lighting—directly from your mobile device, the Citation Longitude is the perfect jet for your coast-to-coast adventure. Powered by Honeywell HTF7000 turbofans, the Citation Longitude boasts a maximum cruise speed of 555 miles per hour and a maximum range of 4,027 miles. And, with plenty of storage space for your baggage, you can trust the Citation Longitude to bring everything you need for your mission—whether it’s business equipment, your golf clubs for a day on the links, or your family’s ski gear for a week in Aspen.

Citation Longitude Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Citation Latitude

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6 ft

Cabin width

6.4 ft

Cabin Length

21.16 ft

Baggage Internal

112 cu ft ft

Passenger Seating


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