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Burning Man

Event Type: Cultural
Dates: 08/27/2023 - 09/04/2023
Website: https://burningman.org/
Venue: Burning Man
Address: Black Rock City, Nevada

A covert affair, Burning Man takes place in the desert of Nevada every year. The Black Rock desert play hosts to Black Rock City, a make-shift city that pops up every year during the Burning Man event. The city is created by citizens, who are active participants in the Burning Man experience. Once the event is over, the city is removed by its citizens, only to return again the following year.

This iconic event began in the mid-80s on the shores of Baker Beach in San Francisco. An effigy of a man was burnt to the ground as a spontaneous act of self-expression, and this tradition has been carried out every year since, giving the event its well-known name.

As the popularity of the event grew, the location of the event was moved from the shores of the Pacific to the deserts of Nevada. Here, event-goers will have the opportunity to create and discover a huge array of camps, including:

  • Body painting
  • Fire dancing
  • Belly dancing
  • Pop-up art galleries
  • Seminars
  • Mediation booths
  • Massage and wellness tents

Each year, a new theme is set and event-goers dress, act, and embody the theme. This can include setting up tents that specifically relate to the event’s theme, wearing clothes that pertain directly to the theme, and decorating their vehicles and RVs with the theme in mind.

In 2022, Burning Man witnessed more than 75,000 attendees. The theme that year was Waking Dreams and the displays produced were absolutely stunning.

This year, “burners,” as eventgoers are lovingly referred to as, will be adapting to the theme of ANIMALIA. Anticipated art installations include:

  • #Vagr by Misha Libertee
  • 1000 & 1 by Tyler Fuqua Creations
  • 1000 Hands by Nicholas DeBruyne & Maria Gotay with Wevolve Labs & Art Island
  • A Mechanical Menagerie by Esmeralda Nadeau-Jasso & Caleb Hull
  • And many more


Because Black Rock City only exists for one week a year, coordinating your trip to on private jets to Burning Man will take a little bit of help from our team. During the event, the Black Rock City Municipal Airport (889V) pops up, but due to its size, it can only accommodate turboprop aircraft.

Are you looking to experience the wonders of Burning Man? Stratos Jets can arrange private jets to Burning Man in Nevada and anywhere in the world, including the temporary Black Rock City. Call our professional customer service agents at (888) 593-9066 or request a quote online to learn more.

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