2020: A Private Jet Company Year in Review

It’s comforting that “2020 – The Year That Never Seemed to End” is finally drawing to a close. Historians and economists will debate the pandemic’s global effects, but in our hearts, we know how it impacted us personally. Yet, despite the challenges, we persevered.

Travel may never be the same, but we learned valuable lessons about pulling together, resilience, prioritizing, and adapting. Even in a year as unprecedented as 2020, there were moments of innovation, heroism, and hope for our private jet company.

Let’s look back at the extraordinary events of the year.

January 2020: Australian Bush Fires

Australian Family

The Australian bush fires brought people together in a time of crisis, and set the tone for the remainder of 2020.

Before COVID-19 dominated the headlines, the world’s attention was focused on the Australian bush fires. Stratos blog contributor Steve Deane

posted maps showing the extent of the devastation. By the end, Australia lost 34 victims to the fire, including firefighters who sacrificed their lives to protect the nation.  But the crisis also showed humanity’s resilience and generosity. By mid-January, over 500 million Australian dollars were donated to the Fire Relief Fund, much of it from private donors.

Early Spring 2020 – Humanitarian flights and evacuations

As lockdowns were enforced across the globe, many people were hiring private charters to get home.

As the pandemic emerged, Stratos was able to facilitate evacuation and repatriation charter flights. This facet of our private jet company became crucial to families and employees scrambling to leave the COVID hotspots and return to the safety of their homes before lockdowns were mandated. Our experience with on-demand group charters made all the difference, especially when commercial airlines had to restrict flights.

Spring & Summer 2020 – Adapting to new restrictions

Empty airports soon began seeing travelers slowly returning to the skies.

Despite the sliding scale of travel-related challenges, private jet companies were able to adapt to the new rules. Working with FAA and CDC recommendations, Stratos Jet Charters implemented

new hygiene standards throughout our carrier network. The effort paid off — traveler confidence rose. Executive travelers could reduce the risk of physical contact and airborne viruses on a smaller charter jet, even when compared to the first-class cabin on a commercial jet. It was the safest way to transport a family or team.

Fall 2020 – A new normal

By fall, we were seeing signs of recovery. As a private jet company, Stratos was able to offer charter flights while still maintaining an exceptional margin of safety. In October, we published a blog article on how business travel stimulates economic recovery. COVID was still an ongoing concern, but corporations and individuals had found ways to navigate through the new travel requirements, and private jet travel became an economic necessity.

Late 2020 – New challenges & hope for the future

We’re confident travel will continue into the future, though it may look different than it once did.

Late in the year, two opposing trends began to impact the travel industry. The first was the so-called “second wave,” where some areas were hit by a resurgence of COVID cases. Governments had to reinstate lockdown restrictions to ensure public safety. At the same time, health authorities began to distribute the COVID vaccine.

What does that mean to a private jet company like Stratos Jet Charters and our customers? It’s the same message we’ve heard all year: cautious hope. The pandemic, like 2020, will come to an end. The economic recovery has started, and the months ahead will continue to bring opportunities for visionary leaders. We cannot let our guard down, nor can we hide from the impact of the COVID-19 virus. As 2021 unfolds, we can set our eyes on the future and get ready to soar higher than ever before. 

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