In the past, we’ve discussed the many ways Stratos Jet Charters can add value to your air charter flight. To name a few, our air charter agency has access to some of the most well maintained aircraft, can ensure flight safety and can arrange a flight to almost anywhere in the world. In addition to these invaluable services, our air charter agency provides all-inclusive pricing for every charter flight arranged through the company.

Although seemingly unimportant, receiving an all-in price for a charter flight can make a significant difference in overall cost. In corporate aviation, there are many additional fees and costs (such as landing fees) that can incur during and after a flight. Unfortunately, these costs are often “hidden” by many aircraft operators and jet brokers, who misrepresent the actual cost of the flight in order to be more competitive. Other times, these operators and brokers simply fail to do the necessary research to properly assess all potential cost and fees of the charter flight. This often results in additional bills for the flight.

At Stratos Jets, our air charter specialists do all of the research in advance of the flight in order to provide you with an all-in price. When you call Stratos Jets, we work as your agent to uncover and present all of the fees that might be incurred along your specific routing. For instance, we know that if your charter flight is scheduled to land after the FBO’s normal operation hours that we need to include an additional “call-out” fee to your all-in price. It is this attention to detail and commitment to excellence that adds value to your charter flight. In the future, our air charter agency will continue to strive to set ourselves apart from jet brokers and provide our clients with unparalleled air charter service at an upfront and fair price.

* Special Note: There may be fees related to weather that could not be for seen; such as deicing and increased flight time/fuel burn due to high winds.