Brazil Hosts 2014 FiFa World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics

Brasil 2014

With the country of Brazil being selected to host the 2014 FiFa World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in the city of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, infrastructure developmental pressures to expand airports and their operations are at an all time high. Many concerns have been brought to the attention of many officials on how they plan to accommodate the large influx of sports fans visiting in the summer of 2014. So far large investments have been put into place for runway reconstruction and airport renovations, costing the city an estimated 13 billion dollars. With Brazilâ’s booming economy, now placing as the sixth-largest economy in the world, this expansion is critical in serving world travelers.

Noted as one of the most up-and-coming economies, companies worldwide are seeing Brazil as a major opportunity to take their organization to new heights. Private aviation being at the top of the list, as the world’s third largest market for business aircraft, aircraft manufactures are beginning to respond to the demand for small business aircraft in this region. Private Jet companies see it as a key market in the future for business aviation. As private jet travel to and from Brazil is increasing tremendously due to the growing economy, thousands of executives are flying in for a variety of different business ventures.

Flying privately for business or leisure is a great way to travel efficiently and conveniently. Stratos Jet Charters will get you to the 2014 FiFa World Cup in the safest, most appropriate private jet available to you, at the most competitive pricing. While on board, passengers will experience the utmost in comfort and luxury in a spacious cabin where one can simply relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment options, such as WiFi.

Perfect long-range jets to fly to and from Brazil are the Gulfstream G-IV and the Falcon 20. Visit: and use our extensive database of private aircraft to browse options available to our air charter clients, or give us a call at 888.478.7286 and let one of our expert Private Flight Advisors guide you through the process. In our air charter database, you will find images of private jets, typical seating configurations, aircraft speeds and storage capacity information along with other important data.

Stratos Jets can fly you into Sao Paulo, and can arrange luxury ground transportation to your hotel and back. For more information on getting to the 2014 Fifa World Cup or 2016 Olympics via private jet- including getting tickets to the event- Stratos Jet Charter agents are available 24/7 to answer any question you may have.

Stratos Jets is a worldwide leader in the jet charter industry and a leading member of ACANA, the Air Charter Association of North America- the premier association and advocate in the air charter marketplace. Our job is to provide the highest levels of service and convenience to our jet charter clients. We look forward to assisting you with your private charter needs, including your once-in-a-lifetime experience to the 2014 FiFa World Cup or 2016 Olympic Games In Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The 12 cities selected to host the 2013 Fifa World Cup and Airports to privately fly into for your convenience:

Bras­ilia Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Airport (SBBR)

Cuiabá Marechal Rondon International Airport (SBCY)

Manaus Eduardo Gomes International Airport (SBEG)

RecifeGuararapes International Airport (SBRF)

Fortaleza Pinto Martins International Airport (SBFZ)

NatalNatal Air Force Base – Natal, Brazil (SBNT)

SalvadorDeputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport (SBSV)

Curitiba Afonso Pena International Airport (SBCT)

Porto AlegreSalgado Filho International Airport (SBPA)

Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves International Airport (SBCF)

Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport (SBGL)

São PauloSão Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (SBGR)

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