Improving Business Jet Market: Buy Now for Private Jet Flights

Private Jet Flights: Business Jet MarketSince the economic crash of 2008, private jet flights have become less sought after and the business jet market has gone through its trials and tribulations. The recession saw new private jet sales suffer, and business jet owners started selling off their aircraft to cut costs and keep companies alive. The market was flooded with already manufactured new aircraft as well as used aircraft, while little demand for private jets remained. This drove jet prices down. The business jet market has been slow to recover, so anyone who has purchased a private jet in the last five years has surely saved a hefty chunk of money. There have been so many jets available for sale that customers have had their pick of the selection at low prices. The market is still recovering, which means that you still have time to take advantage of these low prices, but recent reports suggest there is little time to wait. Forecasts look good for the business jet market, and private jet flights are bound to take off in the near future.


If you’re considering purchase of a private business jet, now is the time to buy.

According to the “Business Aircraft” section in the Bombardier Aerospace Market Forecast 2013-2032 released in June 2013, “current market indicators remain mixed, but signs of forward momentum are beginning to emerge. Bombardier analysts believe that a recovering business sector will spur demand for business jets. This is predicted to boost sales in the large and medium aircraft category, with large aircraft delivering the quickest growth. Although 2013 orders for business jets are expected to mirror 2012 numbers, Bombardier analysts predict that business jet sales will start to increase in 2014 and that the business jet industry may even beat its best year (2008 before the bubble burst) as soon as 2016. J.P.Morgan aerospace analysts seem to agree that the business jet market is improving. In J.P.Morgan’s business jet monthly update for September 2013, J.P.Morgan aerospace analyst Joseph Nadol III wrote, “It has been hard to imagine a broad-based recovery without U.S. operators flying more, and recent data shows an important step in this direction.”

Benefits of Private Jet Flights

Private jet flights are more luxurious than ever. Although the business jet industry has struggled since 2008, manufacturers have not given up their dedication to developing innovative aircraft.

“The companies that are involved in business aviation and general aviation have continued to invest heavily in their products,” said Ed Bolen, president of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). “We’re seeing a lot of innovation coming forward, and in fact next week at the NBAA convention we expect to see significant announcements. So I don’t think you can call it a lost decade because the products that are being produced are not just numbers, there not commodity products, they’re highly sophisticated business tools.”

How to Purchase a Private Business Jet

When looking for a new business aircraft to purchase, it is crucial to have proper representation. Private jet flights can be incredible, and by approaching the purchase process with a strong negotiating partner, you can get the ideal plane at the best available price. Stratos Jet Charters keeps aircraft sales specialists on staff to provide exceptional assistance for those seeking to buy or sell an aircraft. Whether you need a high performance single engine, multi-engine or turbine powered aircraft, we will provide the expertise in the acquisition or sale process. All private planes bought or sold through Stratos Jet Charters is required to comply with FAA regulations. To ensure safety and compliance of your chosen aircraft, we will arrange a plane inspection by Wyvern, the world leader in aviation auditing and safety. Trust Stratos Jets to provide you with unmatched technical knowledge and attention to detail. For assistance with an aircraft purchase (or sale), contact us today at (888) 593-9066.

Business Jet Charter

Perhaps forecasts for the business jet market haven’t convinced you to buy soon, and that’s just as well! Professionals looking for the private jet flights without the purchase commitment can take advantage of private jet charter services. In addition to helping business professionals buy private aircraft, Stratos Jet Charters also provides jet rental services for on-demand private jet flights. Call us today for more information!

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