Part 1 – Insurance Verification and Your Safety on Jet Charter Flights

In highly competitive markets, many smaller companies seeking to compete will cut corners to offer the lowest price. But cutting corners in aviation could mean the difference in arriving safely, or not. So how does one seeking to charter an aircraft differentiate beyond just price?

Our role as your private flight advisor is to identify all relevant aircraft, ensure the proper certification, maintenance and safety of each plane and to create a competitive market for the proposed routing. Which is why as your trusted agent, Stratos Jets has created an educational series, a “tool kit” of information so that you “our deeply valued clients” can possess the means to make the best, most educated decisions when you are chartering your next flight.

Our first topic centers on the subject of insurance verification. Often times you will find that some our competitors are chartering flights that are NOT inclusive of the recommended or required insurance policies necessary. And when you book an aircraft for your customers, boss, or you and your family, don’t you need to be 100% sure that the flight meets your safety standards? That’s why before every flight, you should demand to see the insurance policy that will be covering your trip.

When reviewing the air carrier insurance policy, you should: 

 – Confirm that the Aircraft is listed on the Air Carrier’s Insurance Policy

 – Minimum insurance levels of $25 million in coverage for turbo-props, and at least $50 million in coverage for small to medium jets, and upwards of $100 Million in coverage for aircraft with 10 or more passenger capacity.

In this way, you can vet the companies and operators you are working with; to ensure that they have the proper insurance required to protect you and your passengers’ well being in every way possible. If they cannot produce this document, that’s your first sign, sadly, that your safety is NOT a top priority to the broker in question! Stratos Jet Charters requires all flights are ARGUS or WYVERN certified and that the pilots, aircraft and charter operators meet or exceed all FAA requirements.

Every one of our flights are operated by Part 135 carriers with exceptional safety records (including no safety breaches in the last 7 years), have pilots with the proper certifications, and the most hours on your specific aircraft and exemplary safety records, and our operators carry reliable and appropriate insurance policies, suitable for the importance of our clients. At Stratos Jets, our top priority is to ensure your flight is the safest it can be. You won’t find another company more committed to your safety and your security. You should not settle for anything less! Joel Thomas – President, Stratos Jet Charters