When the Embraer Legacy 600 launched, it quickly became one of few aircraft in its class with distinct cabin zones dedicated to sleep, working and dining. Even today, the aircraft remains popular with business travelers and families alike who yearn for a comfortable long-haul flight.

From the range to how much this testament to Brazilian aviation manufacturing costs, here are five key things you should know about the Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft.

How much does a Legacy 600 cost?

If you’re searching for an Embraer Legacy 600, price will depend on whether you buy or charter the aircraft.

Despite entering the market more than 20 years ago, used Legacy 600 aircraft typically sell for around $13 million. And the initial purchase price is only the beginning. Owning a private jet also comes with steep upkeep and crew costs that can quickly reach into the millions every year.

Thankfully, there is a better way to experience the luxury interior of an Embraer Legacy 600: private jet charter. There are no upfront or recurring costs when you work with Stratos to plan your flight. Simply arrive at the airport, board your aircraft and pay as you fly.

Are Embraer jets reliable?

Embraer jets are to regional and private aviation what Airbus and Boeing jets are to scheduled commercial flights. Countless regional airlines in the United States operate Embraer ERJ series jets. Why? Because airlines favor reliability and efficiency when choosing which aircraft to add to their fleet, and Embraer jets fit the bill. 

What started as a turboprop manufacturer in Brazil has grown into one of the largest commercial aviation companies in the world. According to Embraer, they are the third largest manufacturer with 18,000 employees and over 8,000 aircraft delivered over their nearly 60-year history.

Embraer’s pedigree materializes in the Legacy 600 and its impressive 99.7 percent dispatch reliability.

How big is the cabin on the Embraer Legacy 600?

The Embraer Legacy 600 jet boasts an impressive 42-foot cabin length. Measuring nearly seven feet across and six feet high, this makes the jet capable of comfortably hauling up to 14 passengers alongside a flight attendant and two pilots. 

How long can a Legacy 600 fly?

The Embraer Legacy 600’s range tops out at 3,400 nautical miles. At a cruising speed of 502 mph, the aircraft can fly for about six and a half hours.

So, can a Legacy 600 cross the Atlantic? It can, but just barely. If you want to soar across the Atlantic on an Embraer private jet, consider chartering the Legacy 650. Based on the design of the 600, the 650 offers many of the same comforts and benefits with a far superior maximum range of 3,900 nautical miles.

Ready to book an Embraer Legacy 600 jet charter? At Stratos, our private flight advisors can get you in the air on a private jet with as little as four hours’ notice. Call us at (888)478-7286 to get started.