Finding Value in Experience – Selecting The Right Charter Agent

In the past few years a number of new entrants have arrived in the jet charter industry. Many of these startups have little to no experience. Trusting an inexperienced jet charter broker to properly execute the demands of your charter flight leaves the critical aspects of your schedule at risk.

In general people who charter private aircraft do so for flexibility and convenience. For many air charter users, the time savings afforded through the use of a private jet more than justifies the expense. When time and convenience is a critical issue, a flawless execution is essential. That is why it is so important to find an experienced private flight advisor you can trust, to manage your busy schedule. Understanding the differences in the focus of a given charter jet company will play a valuable role in selecting your next private flight advisor.

Experienced private flight advisors with in-depth knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations and extensive experience consistently arrange better quality charter flights. Their long established industry relationships allow them to quickly and effectively mitigate complications as they arise. They provide air charter consumers with more security, fewer complications and a lower financial risk. While hiring an inexperienced jet charter broker could leave you standing on the tarmac.

One of the key benefits of working with an experienced jet charter agent is the supplementary flight support they can provide. Recently-established charter jet brokerages don’t have the necessary longevity or the essential industry relationships to provide the security of a backup aircraft for every charter flight. Stratos Jets, on the other hand, has the resources in place to provide you with multiple aircraft options. Our charter agents have been trained to evaluate the market and to put in place precautionary measures in the event a complication may arise. Taking the chance on working with a jet charter broker could compromise the objectives of your flight.

Another benefit of working with highly-experienced jet charter agents is their knowledge of aircraft operators that exceed industry standards for safety. This invaluable information can only be acquired through years of market research and experience in the industry. Respected private jet charter agencies also have the ability to impose their own safety measures on aircraft operators. Stratos Jets, for example, requires minimum crew experience, insurance levels and maintenance practices. These operators are held accountable for achieving these standards by safety audits conducted on every charter flight. Stratos Jets reputation for expert advice and charter agents with first-hand experience make them one of the most prestigious air charter agencies in the country.

When it comes to cost, seasoned charter professionals offer the lowest financial risk. They can provide the best pricing on the safest most well maintained aircraft. Aircraft operators generally offer charter jet agencies deeply discounted rates to those they value and trust. Relationships between air charter operators and agents take years to form. Air charter consumers can take advantage of long established industry relationships by hiring an agent from Stratos Jets.

Stratos Jets reputation for expert advice and charter agents with first-hand experience make them one of the most prestigious air charter agencies in the country. Their reputation as a leader in the business aviation industry was built on their commitment to excellence.

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