There’s so much to love about flying privately. From quick check-ins to a private cabin to personalized catering, chartering a jet offers so many travel benefits to passengers. But what about long-haul flights? We often get asked, how far can a private jet fly? And to this we always answer: As far as you need it to!

Here’s everything you need to know about booking long-haul charter flights.

How far can a private jet fly?

This answer can only be answered by referring to the type of aircraft you plan on chartering. Private jets come in many different sizes. Typically, though, the larger the aircraft, the further it can fly.

For example, the most popular private jet with the longest range is the Bombardier Global 8000. This jet can soar more than 7,900 miles without stopping to refuel.

Another example is the Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner. For those looking for the ultimate luxury travel experience, the Dreamliner can fly for 17 hours straight without stopping for a fuel refill. That works out to approximately 9,000 miles. This massive jet can accommodate 335 people, so it’s not one you see chartered very often.

Here’s a more detailed look at other types of aircraft and how far they fly:

Aircraft Type





1,100 to 3,775 nautical miles

Light Jet


1,260 to 2,527 nautical miles

Mid-size Jet


1,800 to 3,300 nautical miles

Heavy Jet


2,500 to 4,750 nautical miles

Ultra Long-range Jet


7,500 to 8,055 nautical miles


How far can a private jet fly without refuelling?

For the most part, the average fuel stop takes about 30 minutes. If your aircraft doesn’t have Wi-Fi, this is a great time to check your text messages and email or stretch your legs if you’re on a smaller aircraft.

When you consider all the waiting involved with flying commercially, chartering a private jet is much quicker, even when factoring in a refuelling stop or two.

Factors to Consider When Determining Flying Distance

When looking at the range of any aircraft, it’s important to remember that the range is set under ideal conditions. This isn’t always the case when booking a charter. Things like weather, passenger capacity, and fuel levels all play a role in an aircraft’s range.

For long-haul flights that cross the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll likely have to charter a heavy or ultra long-range jet since stopping to refuel isn’t an option.

To cross the Pacific, beyond the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll need to charter an airliner.

For more information about crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, check out our previous blog article: Everything You Need to Know About Flying a Private Jet Internationally.

A Few of Our Favourite Long-haul Aircraft

If you’ve got a long-distance flight ahead of you, some of the private jets we recommend include:

G700 jet flying over ocean

Gulfstream G700

Often referred to as a flying luxury hotel suite, the G700 provides travelers with the plush, five-star accommodations they’ve come to expect while traveling, offering one of the most spacious, luxurious and innovated cabins available today.

This private jet cabin features:

  • Circadian lighting to combat jet lag
  • Panoramic windows
  • Entertainment lounge with high-end electronics
  • An extremely comfortable master suite and ensuite, and so much more


Ember Lineage 1000 Private Jet Charter

Embraer Lineage 1000

This well-appointed long-range jet can be configured with five distinct sections within the cabin. This can include spaces for dining, working, resting, and watching a movie, for example. The cabin also features internet access, a full-service galley, a full lavatory, and so much more.


Dassault Falcon 10X

Though the Falcon 10X isn’t scheduled to enter service until 2025, we predict this jet will become one of the most popular picks soon after that.

The 10X will offer the most advanced in-flight connectivity technology, an extremely large and well-appointed cabin, multiple extra-large panoramic windows, a state-of-the-art environmental control system, and so much more.

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How far can a private jet fly vs. a commercial plane?

We often get asked if a private jet can fly as far as a commercial plane can, and in most cases, yes they can! However, there are very few aircraft that can cross the Pacific Ocean. The BBJ 777X is the only private jet that can be chartered to cross that Pacific without refuelling, and it can be quite costly. Fortunately, heavy jets can cross the ocean just the same by hugging the coastline and stopping to refuel. These jets are more affordable.

If you want to take a direct path across this massive body of water, it may make sense to book a seat on a commercial airliner as opposed to booking a charter. However, it’s important to note that most commercial airlines typically follow the coastline as well, as very few aircraft cross the ocean directly.

bed on private jet

Some long-haul aircraft offer private master suites for the ultimate travel experience.

Long-haul Private Jet Benefits

Chartering a private jet for a long-haul flight comes with so many benefits, including:

  • In-flight business capabilities & productivity. When you charter a private jet with in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities, you’ll be in the position to conduct business during your journey. You can perform conference calls, check your emails, place phone calls, and so much more. This makes the journey productive and allows you to keep in touch with those on the ground.
  • Ability to rest & arrive refreshed. When you book a long-haul charter, you’ll most likely have access to reversible or berthable seats, a couch, a shower, or in some cases, a separate bedroom. These amenities provide travelers with the tools they need to rest, relax, and even freshen up while traveling, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to take on the day.
  • Personalized catering. When you book a charter flight, especially on longer journeys, you can arrange all the meals and snacks you require prior to departing. This can include takeout from your favourite restaurant and more.
  • An enjoyable travel experience. When you book a charter, the check-in process is so much easier and quicker than it is when you book with an airline. Passengers are also afforded complete privacy, making the in-flight experience more enjoyable too. These benefits provide travelers with the luxury to be present, slow down, and enjoy the peaceful journey.


By answering our clients’ questions, including how far can a private jet fly, we hope to provide travelers with the transparency they need to make informed buying choices. If you’re ready to soar higher and charter a private long-haul flight today, we’d love to talk! Start your free quote today or call us at (888) 765-5750!