New TSA Security Screenings Spark Commercial Travelers’ Interest in Private Jet Charter

As the new “enhanced†TSA security screenings continue to spark debate amongst thousands of commercial travelers, Stratos Jet Charters recently reported a noticeable uptick in flight requests from traditional commercial flyers.  Our air charter agency has received several requests from first-time charter flyers attempting to avoid the controversial TSA security screenings this holiday season.

In early November of this year, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) introduced “enhanced†security screening procedures at 70 major commercial airports throughout the United States.  Commercial airline passengers who depart from one of these airports are required to submit to a full-body scan.  The only other alternative to the full-body scan is to submit to a full-body “pat down†search by TSA Officers.

Over the past few weeks, the new security screenings have become controversial, with over 700 commercial travelers filing complaints with the TSA.  The full-body scanning machines provide TSA Officers with clear images of a commercial passenger’s entire body and could also potentially expose travelers to high levels of harmful radiation.  The alternative to the full-body scanning procedure – the full-body pat-down – subjects travelers to uncomfortable touching and has been described by many angry travelers as “legalized sexual harassment.â€

As a result of the enhanced security measures, Stratos Jets has recently seen a noticeable increase in requests from would-be commercial travelers for private jet charter flights.  The increase in flight requests has translated into several booking by first-time private jet charter flyers.  Our air charter agency is happy to see an increased interest in private aviation and we are happy to assist traditional commercial flyers with their holiday travel plans.

However, commercial travelers seeking to avoid the long lines and increased security at commercial airports should know that private aviation is not generally considered an “economical alternative†to commercial travel.  In fact, airline passengers should expect to see pricing well above the commercial first-class ticket, even on a unit basis, because they are chartering the entire aircraft.

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