Air Ambualnce

When we refer to “non-ambulatory” we simply mean that the passenger cannot walk. This may be the result of an acute medical condition such as a broken leg; the transportation of an elderly relative with very specific medical needs; transportation of stroke, heart attack or other healthcare emergency victims; even the need to evacuate individuals from natural or man-made disasters. These individuals may be transported via wheelchair, motorized cart, stretcher or other various means.

If the passenger requires vital medical attention or observation during flight, we will highly recommend air ambulance service over a typical jet charter. Air ambulance aircraft are equipped much like the ground-based units most people are familiar with. They provide the support of experienced paramedics, nurses or even flight surgeons with advanced medical flight training. These professionals are trained in flight physiology and understand the unique circumstances surrounding the delivery of medical attention at altitude.

On the opposite side of the coin if passengers can climb the stairs to board the aircraft, can sit up during takeoff and landing, and are not expected to need critical medical care during the flight a standard private jet can often suffice. However even in this case we strongly advise that a trusted family member or healthcare professional accompany the passenger.

As a side note, you should alert travelers that the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax charged on standard charter flights is not applicable to medical flights. This means we can save the client this particular expense while providing critical medical care.