Stratos Jet Charters Establishes New Requirements for Approved Air Carrier Program

Stratos Jet Charters has always been dedicated to providing the finest and safest air charter service in the industry. For this reason, we have established the Stratos Jets Approved Vendors Program, a membership program comprised of the best air carriers in the industry that adhere to the strictest code of ethics and safety standards.

The mission of the Stratos Jets Approved Vendors Program is to ensure our vendors meet or exceed with FAR Part 135 and the Department of Transportation regulations. These regulations set the benchmark for air charter excellence and establish the guidelines for jet charter safety. In addition, our air charter agency has developed supplementary criteria to ascertain that every charter flight meets with our stringent safety and maintenance standards. To verify our air carriers comply with these standards, we utilize an ARG/US or Wyvern third-party safety audit.

Stratos Approved Vendor Requirements

In order to become a Stratos Jets approved vendor, air carriers must meet our rigorous standards, which are considered some of the most stringent in the industry, to help ensure client safety is always the first priority. 

“Were not willing to take a chance with disreputable air carriers. We strive to protect our clients by only partnering with the best service providers in the industry,” says Joel Thomas, President & CEO of Stratos Jet Charters Inc.

Insurance Guidelines

We require our air carriers to demonstrate their commitment to air charter safety by maintaining at least $25 million of insurance on turboprop aircraft and $50 million on all other private aircraft. These high levels of insurance protect jet charter passengers and their families in the event of an emergency. We believe that higher levels of insurance reflect a commitment from the vendor to properly maintaining their aircraft. In addition to insurance requirements, Stratos Jets also imposes certain flight crew requirements on its approved vendors.

Crew Requirements

Every charter flight that we arrange is piloted by the most experienced flight crew members in the industry. For example, the pilot-in-command of every jet charter aircraft must have a minimum of 3,000 total hours as well as hold a prestigious Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating. Similarly, the second-in-command must have 1,000 hours and hold at least a commercial, multi-engine license with an instrument rating.

A Strong Culture of Safety

At Stratos Jets, we believe that safety is a derivative of a company’s culture. Stratos has been able to identify and develop close relationships with leading air carriers whose management consistently demonstrates and displays support for safety initiatives. By seeking out air carriers who make significant financial investments in taking a proactive approach to safety through the implementation of regular safety training and assessments as well as the implementation of a robust SMS Program, we know we’re on the right path to providing the safety air charter. 

We also regularly interact and monitor our approved air carrier sales and operations staff to ensure that they exhibit a dedication to safety and professionalism through their interactions with our team.

Selecting the Right Aircraft for the Mission

Stratos mandates that all charter flights are flown with two pilots regardless of aircraft designated as single-pilot certification. Stratos will only charter flights on turboprop or jet aircraft, and we won’t organize flights on any piston-powered aircraft.

The Safest Choice by Miles

By researching vendors in advance of every charter flight, our private flight advisors can assure our clients of the safety of their flight.

At Stratos Jets, we provide the best air charter service to our clients because we only partner with the best service providers in the industry. These approved vendor requirements are set forth to provide air charter buyers with an unparalleled air charter experience and a higher level of air charter safety. 

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