Charter a Private Jet and See the Four Corners of the US

Enjoy the nation’s diversity by traveling to all four corners

November 20, 2018 Stratos Jet Charters
Charter a private jet

If you’re looking to charter a private jet, consider traveling to one, or all four of the nation’s continental corners! (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii – we’ll feature you in a subsequent blog.) Why travel to the corners? First, the best way to see the nation’s stunning landscapes is from the comfort of a private jet. Second, although many of us travel across the continent for business, when was the last time we allowed ourselves the luxury of traveling somewhere just out of curiosity? Each corner has unique attractions for travellers from all over the world.

Washington jet charter

Seattle, Washington


Seattle is a great place to start your northwest exploration when you charter a private jet. Aircraft enthusiasts will marvel at the scale of the Boeing Factory Tour. Across from the Boeing Field is Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Museum, featuring a unique collection of rare vintage aircraft. Once you’ve enjoyed your fill of aircraft, sushi, Chihuly glass, Starbucks coffee, seafood and local breweries, head out to Washington’s great outdoors. Spectacular hiking, biking and kayaking await you in the Evergreen State.

private jet to Maine

Cape Elizabeth, Maine


This corner boasts a rich history and breath-taking rugged landscapes. The lighthouse at West Quoddy Head, Maine is officially the easternmost point in the USA. The lighthouse is fun to photograph, but we suggest Maine has many other charms. Horror fans will enjoy touring Bangor, the inspiration for Stephen King’s fictional town of Derry. Lobster feasts, history, ocean views, roadside markets and boutique shopping will delight you in Maine.

charter flights to key west

Key West, Florida


Key West, Florida is as far south as you can go in the continental USA. Ponce de Leone was the first European to see it in 1521. In the centuries since, it changed hands many times, creating a mosaic of languages and cultures. You can still tour the homes of many public figures who lived there, including Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and Harry Truman. Gulf breezes, Cuban/Caribbean cuisine, mojitos, ocean sports and sunshine are just some of the reasons to visit Key West when you charter a private jet.

private jet to imperial beach

Imperial Beach, California


Imperial Beach, California, is the south-western-most point in the lower 48 states. Just 14 miles south of San Diego, Imperial Beach is sunny 323 days a year, and it encompasses nearly four miles of beach. A surfer’s paradise, the area also boasts a number of military museums, top golf courses, and the best authentic Mexican/California cuisine around. This popular destination is highly regarded as one of the best surf spots in the area, and the pier even showcases plaques highlighting the city’s surfing history.


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A Private Jet Traveler’s Guide to Documentation

Ready to fly? Here is the documentation you’ll need.

November 13, 2018 Stratos Jet Charters

One of the best perks of private jet travel is avoiding annoying line-ups and security checks. However, private jet travelers are still required to bring the necessary documentation. Here are some guidelines to ensure your pre-flight goes as smoothly as your flight.

Pre-Flight and Documentation Checklist for Private Jet Travel   

When should you be at the airport?

Pre-boarding activities for private jet charter travel go fairly quickly, especially when compared to commercial flights. Generally speaking, if you arrive 30 minutes before your flight, you should have enough time to move through security and board the aircraft. Most FBO (Fixed Base Operator) lounges are stylish, comfortable and relaxing. Your pre-boarding will be stress-free.


Passports are required when traveling internationally. You don’t usually need a passport when traveling within the USA. However, many travel experts suggest getting into the habit of bringing your passport every time you travel. It’s the standard documentation for many airport security systems.


To ensure smooth international travel, you must meet the immigration conditions for your destination. This may include obtaining a visa. The Stratos Jet Charter Agents can advise you if a visa is required. You can also find the information on the government website of your country of origin.

Pet travel documentation

Pets can travel with owners on a private jet flight, but just like you, they need proper documentation. Make sure you have your pet’s immunization record. If you are traveling internationally, be aware some countries have strict health, quarantine and customs requirements for pets. If you decide to take your pet abroad, check with the embassies of the countries you will be going to for any specific requirements. The US Department of Agriculture has a detailed list of destinations and requirements for pet travel.

Luggage scanning

Your luggage will usually be scanned before you board your private jet. If you are used to commercial flights, you will be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the luggage security process goes with a private jet charter. Plus, most private jet FBOs are designed to be as close to the aircraft as possible. You don’t need to walk down long corridors to get to your gate. Just grab your suitcase, and enjoy your flight!


If you’re looking for a private jet charter broker that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.

A Private Jet Traveler’s Guide to Day Trips

Don’t have time for a weekend getaway? Take a day trip!

November 6, 2018 Stratos Jet Charters

day-trip-private-jetRemember day trips – little mini-adventures packed into one day? You’d pile into the car or mini-van, drive for a few hours, explore your destination, grab a meal, and head back home. As a private jet traveler, you can relive the spontaneity and fun of a mini-getaway. If you have a strong urge to get away for a day, or perhaps you could use a bit of family time, here are a few suggestions for a private jet day trip!

3 Tips for an Enjoyable Private Jet Day Trip           

1. Choose a Distance

Choosing a comfortable travel distance sets the parameters for your day trip. You may have a great destination in mind, but if it takes four hours to fly there, it will limit what you can do in one day. We suggest looking at destinations that are within 800 miles. That’s about two hours of relaxed private jet flying time. It still offers plenty of variety, without rushing you. For example, 800 miles from the Stratos Jet Charters offices in Orlando Florida will get you to the Music City Nashville TN, the historic city of Baton Rouge LA, or even the palm trees of Kingston, Jamaica. ( has a calculator where you can enter the departure city and see the relative distance to other cities)

2. Choose a destination

So what’s within your 800-mile circle? If you live in the United States, you’ll usually find a few urban centers, a variety of smaller historic cities, some extraordinary natural wonders, and a diverse selection of recreational activities. The nice part about day trips is that you don’t have to worry about accommodations. You can travel based on your interests, not your need to get from the airport to the hotel. Choose something fun! Private jet day trips are about renewal.

3. Choose an activity

spa-private-jetHave a firm idea of what you want to do at your destination. After all, you only have a day. Here’s a checklist:

  • Indoors (museums /spas / shopping ) or Outdoors (sightseeing/ nature/ sports & recreation)
  • Group (friends/colleagues/family) or Solo (did someone say spa treatment?)
  • Calming (fishing) or Exhilarating (racing lessons in a Lamborghini)

Of course, with a day trip’s limited timeframe, you won’t be able to do everything. But that’s the beauty of it – you can save something for the next day trip. If you are inspired to travel but need help with logistics, contact our Trip Support Team. They can help with ground transportation, dining reservations, special in-flight amenities and much more.

We know your time is an extremely precious commodity. So even if your trip is a one-day trip, we want you to enjoy every minute of it!


If you’re looking for a private jet charter broker that can arrange luxury charter flights for your next day trip call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.

Luxury Jet Market is Hot: Private Jet Charter Travel is the Better Option

Trends in the luxury jet market reflect the growth of private jet travel

October 30, 2018 Stratos Jet Charters

Bloomberg recently reported a trend that will impact private jet charter travelers. The report reveals what some of us have probably noticed: an increased demand for private jets. “People are flying, the economy is strong, corporate investments are taking place across the entire aerospace industry sector and for businesses that fly business jets,’’ said Michael Amalfitano, head of Embraer’s private-aircraft unit. This is welcome news for owners and shareholders in the aircraft industry. But the flip side of this boom is that the increased demand may leave some business and luxury travelers scrambling. It makes sense to use a private jet charter instead of buying a jet right now.

Here are three ways that private jet charter travel makes sense in this economy:


Some of you encountered this concept when you bought your first car: Vehicles depreciate. Even in this current market, a shiny new private jet will lose its financial value the moment it takes off. Like every investment, it’s a trade-off. Many individuals and corporations try to justify the expense of ownership, fuel, maintenance and depreciation with the convenience and practicality of having a private jet. If your portfolio and income are healthy, there is no harm in purchasing a jet. But, if you do the math, depending on how far and how frequently you fly, you may find a private jet charter gets you everywhere you want to go for noticeably less.


All aircraft have a flying range, which limits your flexibility. If all your clients and destinations are in the U.S.A., you can easily purchase a private jet capable of trans-continental flight. But what if you need to travel internationally? You’ll need to purchase an aircraft that can get you to your holiday in Dubai or the meeting in Singapore. Or consider the opposite situation: travel to smaller airports. If you want to ski in Killington, Vermont, the runway may be too short for your private jet. You’ll need to land in a larger center, then travel for hours by ground to get to your destination. The benefit of using a private jet charter like Stratos is flexible “right-sizing”. Book a luxurious long-range jet for your trip to Sydney, Australia, and then book a comfortable Very Light Jet for the weekend conference in Vegas.


If you own a jet, you need to hire a crew and employ a team to handle logistics, ground transportation, accommodation and other details. If you don’t have that kind of talent pool, private jet travel can be challenging. Stratos private jet charters prides itself on value-added services. Our Trip Support team can handle:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Ground transportation during your stay
  • Accommodations
  • Meeting venues
  • Meal and event reservations
  • Wheelchair accessibility and other considerations


If you’re looking for a private jet broker that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.