Founded in 1996 by Joseph J. Moeggenberg, Aviation Research Group, United States (ARGUS) is a safety-auditing firm relied upon by companies that manufacture, finance, operate, maintain and market business jet charter aircraft.

What does ARGUS do?

Their primary focus is on providing reports for Part 135 operators on safety, operating costs and market research. As a third-party safety auditor, ARGUS performs onsite safety audits for charter brokers like Stratos Jets. The ARGUS audit is a true ‘Process and Systems’ audit that verifies that the flight operation is managed, organized and run consistent with industry best practices and reflects a clear commitment to safety. ARGUS will examine each operator for consistency in meeting its own objectives, as well as the applicable regulations and customer contract specifications.

Stratos and ARGUS

Through the Certified Charter Broker Program created by ARGUS, Stratos Jets is able to address concerns regarding the legitimacy of charter brokers and private and business jet charter operators. The program ensures clients feel confident and safe in their decision to hire a charter broker for their travel needs. Some of the key issues considered include:

  • Adherence to applicable regulations
  • Appropriate insurance coverage is obtained and maintained
  • Fiscal responsibilities are being properly managed

Before Stratos could become a Certified Charter Broker, ARGUS was responsible for conducting an on-site audit that meets the above-stated requirements. We were also responsible for ensuring our agents could demonstrate expert knowledge of these standards and ensure flights would be booked in a safe and well-organized manner.