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What is a Guaranteed Fixed-Rate Private Jet Membership?

What is a Guaranteed Fixed-Rate Private Jet Membership?

The Two Models of Flying by Private Jet Charter

Flying a private charter is one of the best ways to travel. You get concierge services and you don’t have to worry about all of the hassle of an airport–security, crowds, long waits. But there are different ways to book private jet charters, and one, which we are going to explain to you, and it will be clear what the advantages are of the memberships.

The On-Demand Model

With the On-Demand model of private aviation, you contact the air charter company and they identify the planes available and show you your options. They will explain what the limitations are, what the timing will be, and so on. The On-Demand model is an excellent way of flying–if you only fly a few times a year.

One of the big differences between On-Demand and Membership are the unexpected costs. There may be a mechanical problem with your plane. It may not arrive on time. There could be many issues with a plane–these issues arise whether you’re using On-Demand or Membership. But if you’re flying on-demand, then the charter company has to find you a new plane and that is done at the customer’s expense: at YOUR expense.

Obviously, this is not the optimal way to fly. Don’t get us wrong: many, many people fly On-Demand through Stratos and have wonderful flight experiences. An On-Demand flight can be a delight. It’s just that there’s little flexibility, and you’re on the hook for unexpected expenses, such as de-icing, or the fuel charges imposed by the carrier after the flight.

This is why many of our fliers have decided to Soar Higher with a Private Jet Membership Program.

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The Private Jet Membership Program Model

When you get a charter jet membership through Stratos Jets, you are part of an exclusive club that takes all of those obstacles away. We set a guaranteed time and a guaranteed rate, and we book the flights without the risk of prices changing or the risk of flights not being available.

Sure, there may be an occasional emergency–a blizzard that stops you from escaping New York to get to sunny San Diego–but the members don’t need to pay for the unexpected costs: de-icing the plane, the extra fuel of being stuck in a holding pattern above a storm, and so on. And the flight will never cost you a penny more just because there was a problem. We take care of all that.

You also will gain the flexibility to schedule–with On-Demand flights, there is no ability to cancel, but members can cancel 72 hours in advance. If a problem comes up, that’s on Stratos Jet Charters dime. With us, private jet service membership means something.

It’s our aim to extensively grow the people who fly with Stratos Jet Charters as part of the private jet charter membership program. It simply makes more sense. Whether you’re booking the plane for yourself, or you’re an executive assistant booking for your boss, you highly value guarantees. So when we are guaranteeing a price and dependability, then that matters.

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What Are the Main Benefits of Private Plane Membership?

The best private jet membership programs–and Stratos Jet Charters has the best private jet charter programs–offer the following:

Flexible Cancellation

We all know that things come up, especially for the type of clients who we work with. We work with high-level executives and influential people who frequently have to change plans at the last minute. (Penalty-free cancellations outside of 72 hours before departure.)

At Stratos, we’re aware of this, and we make it easy to cancel a flight or reschedule it for another time. Members can book flights when they want to (in the app or through their private flight advisor), and they can cancel flights when they need to. It’s all part of the concierge service that we provide to our members.

Canceling is all-but-impossible on the On Demand model. Once an On Demand customer locks in and confirms their flight, then it’s more difficult to cancel as the carrier is counting on your routing to move them to the point of their next departure.

This is the nature of the air charter business: all air charters are part of a large chain. An air carrier may have a flight booked from Fort Lauderdale to Tetersboro to Chicago to San Diego, and if you’ve booked one of those legs–say, Tetersboro to Chicago–and you cancel, then the plane still needs to make that flight, with or without you.

So canceling an On-Demand flight can’t be done without incurring cost associated with positioning, as it disrupts an entire domino-chain of subsequent flights.

But with the Membership Plan, you have the flexibility to cancel up to 72 hours in advance of your flight. We can do this because of the strong relationships that we have built with our air carrier partners which allow us to work more freely with Membership flight schedules. This flexibility is by far one of the biggest selling points for being a member.

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Locked-In Pricing

When you are in the Membership program, the hourly rate is locked in when we make the deal, and we’re not going to charge you extra fees or surcharges.

If the plane encounters maintenance issues and you need to move to a different plane, then that cost is taken care of by Stratos Jet Charters. If a storm comes up that delays the flights, then you won’t be subject to the fluctuations of market pricing just because demand for private jet charter just went up. You’re our member, and that means we take care of you.

This includes things like having to divert the plane, which could put you in the air longer. We’ll have a ground transfer dispatched to help you reach your intended destination as quickly and safely as possible.

You aren’t subject to post flight bills. If weather results in a holding pattern that would burn more fuel–something expensive these days–or deicing a plane thanks to a winter storm. All of these costs could be charged to an On Demand flier, but when you commit to being a Stratos Jet Member, you only pay the price which you agreed to pay when you signed the contract. Never a penny more.

Easy to Use

When we say we have concierge services, we mean it. And it doesn’t just mean that we’ll stock the plane with all your favorite foods and drinks. It means that from the moment you pick up the phone or login to find a flight, we will treat you like royalty.

Booking is especially easy when you’re in the Membership Program. As with all frequent fliers, the more we know your routine the easier it is for us to accommodate you and your regular destinations.

But this goes a step further than that. We know you, we have all your paperwork filled out and processed. A flight can be planned weeks in advance, and we will bend over backwards for our Members. Simply open your app and login to the customer portal, plug in your routing and choose the aircraft category, and then use Face ID to secure the booking.

Our staff is courteous and professional, and they will do everything in their power to accommodate your every request. We know that you’re used to good service, but we want to top that service, so you’ll always remember the quality flight you had with Stratos Jet Charters.

How Often Would Someone Need To Fly to Make Private Jet Charter Membership Worth It?

If you fly by private charter 8-10 times a year, then private jet service membership is absolutely worth it for you–and that’s just from a monetary point of view. But if you’re flying private charter 8-10 times a year then you’re going to have a real desire for the most reliable service available, and that means that you’re going to want Stratos Jet Charters as your go-to private charter service.

What Makes Stratos Jet Charters Superior to Other Charter Services?

The People

Stratos founding vision is to provide an air charter service that educates our clients and helps them make an informed decision. We exist to be their educational resource, advocate for safety and to ensure the best possible travel experience.

The flight crews we work with, our Private Flight Advisors, Trip Coordinators, and everyone associated with Stratos Jet Charter services are thoroughly vetted and trained to make sure that they’re the type of people that you want to work with. They are professional, they are personable, they are experts in their field. We make sure that every need is accommodated, from having the right ground transportation ready and waiting to monitoring flights criss-crossing the country.


All Stratos-approved air charter operators must pass a rigorous check of operational excellence for air safety. They must be free of accidents and have had no major FAA enforcement actions taken against them in the last five years. All our flights are crewed by two pilots, regardless of the size of the plane. We also will only use turbo-prop or jet aircraft–never any piston-powered aircraft.


We developed our business model to meet the broad travel demands of the busiest business executives those with the most-stringent, most-detailed scheduling needs. To serve them consistently and reliably, we designed and developed a proprietary, real-time trip-management system that can handle any logistical challenge. We truly believe that no other jet charter service can track, monitor, and fulfill your travel needs better than we can.

We use advanced ground technology to monitor flights and schedule all our charters. We make sure that our technology is perfectly suited for the job so that there will never be a tech failure.

Our technology platform is a proprietary suite of aviation tools that manages all aspects of a client’s travel itinerary. Through our platform we’ve eliminated transcription errors by integrating our booking platform with the contracted air carriers scheduling service, we are able to provide flawless coordination every time!

No Fuel Surcharge

In this period of fuel price uncertainty, we have made a commitment that the price we quote you is the price you’re guaranteed as a member. This means that if the price of fuel goes up between when you made your reservation and when you fly, there will be no additional fuel surcharges.

What Makes Stratos Jet Charters’ Membership Program Superior to Other Jet Charter Memberships?

The answer is simple: we care about our clients best interest. Because we don’t own any planes, we are free to recommend the appropriate aircraft to our clients that delivers the greatest combination of safety, service and price. Stratos is agnostic towards aircraft and operators so we will never select the aircraft that best fits our needs over the one that delivers the best possible customer experience.

Becoming a member opens you up to an enormous amount of flexibility that has been well-loved by our staunch membership for years. We hope you join us.

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Private Chartered Plane Cost: Buy, Rent, or Subscribe

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