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Whether you’re a professional sports team flying for the big game, a rock band on tour, or a VIP with an entourage in tow, booking a group air travel aboard a charter airliner is the way to go. These aircraft offer the space and cabin amenities needed to transport large groups in supreme comfort. As the largest class of private aircraft available, they offer an unparalleled combination of range, seating, and cargo capacity.





385 mph-890 mph


1323-8000 mi

Price (Per hour)


Flexible Seating Configurations

Turboprop airliners give group air charter consumers the flexibility of selecting seating densities based on their specific needs. This can range from denser arrangements to maximize economy, or more spacious configurations to provide comfort. Additionally, turboprops can be used to transport personnel, cargo, or a combination of both.

The Stratos Difference

Arranging a group air charter can be a complicated process. Why not let one of our expert air charter agents handle the flight planning arrangements for you? We work with only the most reputable operating companies, and our network extends to every region across the United States, ensuring clients receive a consistently high standard of service, no matter where you fly. To book a group charter flight on a turboprop airliner, talk to one of our air charter associates toll-free at (888) 593-9066.

Given their spacious interiors, charter airliners also offer a versatile range of cabin configurations. For instance, if you’re booking group air travel for CEOs or other high-end executives, you can opt for a low-density seating plan to provide apartment-like comfort where passengers will be able to move about freely, conduct meetings in private boardrooms, or even take a nap in a separate bedroom.

Conversely, travelers looking for more cost-effective options can choose group air charters with higher-density seating plans. Of course, almost every charter airliner comes equipped with a full galley, meaning passengers will enjoy meal options ranging from basic snacks and refreshments all the way up to full-course meals and gourmet entrees.

Expert Advice When You Need It

Due to the size of commercial airliners, people booking group air travel may face operational challenges such as finding airports with sufficient runway length to accommodate larger aircraft. Our expert air charter associates are here to help you overcome any logistical challenges you might encounter. We act as a liaison between our clients, charter operators, and other industry partners to ensure your charter flight experience is hassle-free.

Furthermore, if you require any additional concierge services, such as a bus charter for your sports team, or a chauffeured limousine service for VIP travelers, our Trip Support department will make the arrangements, saving you time and stress. Charter airliners are the preferred group air travel option for many organizations, including multinational corporations, entertainment management companies, government agencies, and even royalty.

Whether you need a personal penthouse in the sky or a mobile business headquarters where you conduct meetings on the go, these aircraft offer a combination of comfort and convenience.

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Embraer 145


Embraer 145 Jet Charter Information The Embraer 145 charter jet is the flagship aircraft of the Brazilian aeronautics manufacturer’s commercial ERJ series.




499 mph





Embraer 175


Filling the gap between short-range and mid-range flights, the efficient new Embraer 175 jet charter is designed to bring eighty passengers to destinations up to 2,500 miles away.




890 mph





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