ACANA Promotes Best Practices and Professionalism in the Air Charter Industry

Business handshakeIn recent air charter news, Stratos Jet Charters announced that Joel Thomas, president and founder of Stratos Jets, was selected as the new President of the prestigious Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA). ACANA, an elite, non-profit organization, is comprised of the finest and most well-respected air charter service providers in North America. ACANA’s mission is to enhance and foster the air charter industry by promoting best practices and professionalism, representing ACANA members’ collective regulatory interests, and educating consumers about the benefits of private aviation.

Over the next few weeks, we at Stratos Jets would like to take the opportunity to explain the mission of ACANA and the role it plays in promoting a safer and better air charter experience for consumers. In this week’s article, we would like to turn our attention to the first part of ACANA’s mission statement – promoting best practices and professionalism in the air charter industry.

Part 1 of our weekly series outlining the first part of the mission and vision of ACANA:

As with any free-market industry, air charter consumers have a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a private jet charter service provider to work with. A private jet traveler looking to charter a jet from Los Angeles to New York, for example, will have little difficulty in receiving a price and an option for their trip.  Unfortunately, determining the safety and quality of the aircraft along with the reputation of the air carrier is a much different matter. With so many private jet charter brokers and operators to choose from, how can you, as a consumer, really be certain that you are working with the safest, most reputable private jet charter service in the industry?

That’s where ACANA comes in. As we mentioned earlier in this article, the founding principle of ACANA is to promote best practices and professionalism to air charter service providers in the industry. The 19 members of ACANA adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity to accomplish their goal of promoting best practices and professionalism to other service providers in the industry. As a result, air charter consumers who choose to work with ACANA members have the added advantage of knowing that their charter service provider has met with the highest standards of safety, integrity and excellence in the industry.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we have furthered ACANA’s mission of promoting best practices and excellence by implementing the Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program. This program provides our clients with the same quality assurance they have come to expect from ACANA members. The Approved Vendor Program is an invite-only organization that is comprised of the finest private aircraft and air carriers in the world. Through our approved vendor network, we have access to the safest and most highly-maintained aircraft and in the industry. Our approved vendors adhere to Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 and DOT regulations along with the safety requirements set forth by our company. Our private flight advisors utilize an ARG/US or Wyvern third-party safety audit to ensure that these safety requirements are met before inviting a vendor to join our exclusive network.

By continuing to promote best practices and professionalism, Stratos Jet Charters and other ACANA members can continually provide consumers with the best charter flight service possible. Contact us to learn more about Stratos Jets approved vendor program or to arrange a charter flight.

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