Military strategist Napoleon Bonaparte once famously observed, “an army marches on its stomach.” Any operation, military or civilian, can only succeed when it is efficiently re-supplied. In the middle of this ongoing pandemic, businesses around the world are experiencing major supply-chain issues.

The global microprocessor chip shortage is garnering headlines, but that is only one example of the supply-chain crunch. The air charter industry is also being impacted by shortages; however, there is a ray of hope.

Here’s how supply issues are impacting Stratos, and how our air cargo services may be a solution for other businesses.

The Impact

The air charter industry has not been as broadly impacted as other industries, nonetheless, we are feeling the effects. Some of the aircraft in our Stratos network are grounded as they await parts. Aircraft manufacturers are also delaying new jet production until parts become available. The global staffing shortage is certainly acutely felt. Healthy, qualified workers are scrambling to meet charter expectations while still adhering to government standards.

The Demand

As we mentioned in a recent blog article, demand has soared for private jet charters. Fully-vaccinated international travelers are flying again, and long-awaited charter bookings are filling up rapidly. So, more than before, planning and patience are required. Though our network is robust and diverse, not every aircraft is available for every itinerary. And, as mentioned, our carriers may be ready, but the destination airport facilities may be short-staffed and unable to handle additional flights. We suggest you discuss upcoming travel plans with one of our expert private flight advisors as soon as possible.  With enough notice, we can find an itinerary that works for your charter mission.


Although Stratos may be facing industry-wide challenges, we are also in a unique position to provide supply-chain solutions. We offer safe, reliable air cargo services. More importantly, we offer charter scalability. You can book a midsize jet to deliver small, delicate parts to your factory. Or you can book a high-capacity cargo jet to move several tons of machinery.

Dangerous goods

Stratos air cargo services are also fully-certified to transport dangerous goods. Such shipments are vulnerable to supply-chain delays simply because there aren’t enough carriers and personnel qualified to inspect or handle them. Stratos can unblock the delay, and bring your hard-to-ship goods to where your business needs them.


In a global staffing shortage, having key people in the right place can make all the difference. Stratos Jet Charters has built its reputation by delivering professionals to where they are required. This can be especially valuable if you use our air cargo services to deliver equipment, and our passenger service to deliver the technicians to install it. If you have an employee that is skilled at resolving logjams, we can get them to the site straight away.

We know these global supply-chain problems will subside. If this year has taught us anything, it is the power of flexibility, determination, and resilience. While Stratos cannot resolve the major international supply issues, we can offer our reliable air cargo services as part of the solution.

To experience the reliability, safety, and exceptional service of a private jet air charter, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.