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4 Ways to Enjoy Stress-free Security Checks for Corporate Jet Travel

We recently published a blog article about the fear of flying. While some people dread being airborne, the pre-flight security check-in can also be a source of pre-flight anxiety. Security checks can be vexing, and some travelers notice their anxiety building as they wait for officials to scrutinize documents, personal items, and even their health status. You’ll be happy to hear that security checks for private corporate jet travel are much easier on the nerves.

Here are four ways security checks are smoother for private jet charter travelers.

1. Scale

Safety is the underlying factor in every security check. These protocols cannot be avoided entirely, but you will find corporate jet travel procedures are more efficient. It’s a matter of scale. Most private jets carry between 8-14 passengers, so most times, it will only be your group preparing for boarding.  Also, since the passenger group is small, you can generally arrive at the terminal an hour before take-off, which means no lengthy lineups and no long waits.

2. It’s not your typical commercial flight

Commercial airlines have different restrictions than private jet charters. For example, you rarely need to remove your shoes for screening before boarding your charter jet. Similarly, you don’t need to put your carry-on liquids in a clear bag for inspection. And in many circumstances, pets are allowed to travel with you in the cabin. Just be sure to mention your animal companions when booking the charter.

3. Health and safety

The pandemic has changed everyone’s definition of safety. Passenger safety now includes general health and protection from viruses. In this regard, private corporate jet travel has several advantages over commercial airlines. As noted, you’ll only travel with family or colleagues in your own “bubble.” The questions about your health and vaccination status are necessary but discreet. Our carriers make an extra effort to ensure the pre-flight privacy and comfort of passengers with disabilities.  If you have questions about bringing a wheelchair or an oxygen cylinder aboard, please reach out to your private flight advisor. We’ll help ensure your pre-flight check-in goes smoothly.

4. FBOs

Fixed Base Operator terminals (or FBOs) are one of the best perks of corporate jet travel. These separate terminals cater to private jet travelers, offering an additional level of privacy, bio-security, and convenience. Your group doesn’t even have to enter the main terminal building as the FBO has its own security screening and upscale waiting lounges. Pre-flight security check-ins are streamlined as a result.

Stratos Jet Charters places a very high value on passenger safety. Though security check-ins can cause some nervousness, they are a crucial part of safe travel and aviation. Discover the benefits of private corporate jet travel! Once you experience an efficient, professional private jet check-in, you may never fear security check-ins again.

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