Although film director Stanley Kubrick gained international success by portraying routine space-flight in 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was very afraid of flying on large aircraft. It’s a common, but treatable phobia. And though we would never claim to be medical experts, we do know a lot about making passengers comfortable on jet charter flights.

The latest research shows the following three tips can reduce your fear of flying.

Narrow Down the Fear

It may be uncomfortable, but if you can reflect on the specifics of your concerns, it can help identify the triggers. Some researchers suggest distancing yourself by using the third person. For example, I would say, “Alexandria really worries about turbulence on jet charter flights.”

Avoid the Scenarios

Identifying without pursuing the fear is perhaps the most challenging mental exercise. The rabbit hole of ‘what-if’ scenarios is very seductive. Try to focus on the facts. Tell yourself, “Dave hates aircraft noises because he can’t control them,” and leave it at that—just the facts, without embellishments or excuses.

Use Knowledge to Balance Emotion

Most of our executive travelers know this intuitively from their corporate careers. Top managers learn to distinguish between emotional decisions and rational ones. Knowledge gives you leverage against an emotional bias.

The Benefits of Choosing Stratos Jet Charters

Knowing how we operate can mitigate your fear of jet charter flights.  Many negative flight experiences arise from the nature of commercial jet travel. Commercial passengers are packed into an uncomfortable seat in a confined space, breathing the same air as a hundred strangers, all hoping the pilot is skilled at avoiding turbulence. Sound familiar?

Here are the Stratos Advantages:

    • Jets in our network are designed for executive-level comfort. Plush, reclining swivel seats support your body so you never feel stiff or confined.
    • Most of our charter aircraft are built for 8- 15 passengers. You travel in a spacious cabin with only your group, with the freedom to work or relax in supreme luxury.
    • Our jet charter flights can achieve high altitudes faster, minimizing turbulence. A nimble private jet can also avoid turbulence better than a large commercial aircraft.

Every flight is customized to your needs. For example:

  • Hate flying at night? We can arrange a daytime flight.
  • Airline food is unappealing? Let our Trip Support Team customize your in-flight meal.
  • Don’t like crowded airports? Ask if your flight can depart from a private Fixed Base Operator (FBO) terminal.
  • Concerned about bio-safety? Jets are sanitized regularly on the ground and in flight. Also, most newer jets use hospital-grade HEPA filters to ensure pure pathogen-free air throughout the flight.
  • Want to travel with a pet in the cabin? Of course! You can bring a pet, as long as it meets certain safety criteria.

We hope that this list addresses some of the unknowns about jet charter flights. Stratos Jet Charters has built its reputation on the pillars of safety, comfort, and reliability. We have helped nervous passengers like yourself rediscover the joy of supremely comfortable jet travel.

The world is waiting…come soar higher with Stratos!

Experience a better way to fly! To book a luxury private jet flight anywhere, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.