Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charter Flight?

A charter flight is an unscheduled flight that is not part of a regular airline route. When you charter a plane, you rent the entire aircraft and can determine departure/arrival locations and times.  There are several types of charter flights.

  • Private Charter
  • Single Entity
  • Affinity
  • Public Charter

What to Expect When Flying on a Charter Flight

Flight Schedules and Routings

Because a charter flight is not part of a scheduled service, the flight will depart when you want it to.  You are also able to choose which cities you fly to and from. Charter flights are particularly convenient when you need to travel to a city where a scheduled airline service may require multiple connections or layovers before you reach your destination.

Depart from the FBO – Your Own Private Terminal

Privacy is one of the main advantages of a private charter flight. Unlike a commercial flight, where travelers are herded through a crowded airport and having to undergo an intrusive security screening, passengers on a charter flight depart from a private facility known as an FBO. At most private airports, passengers can pull their cars right up to the plane.

Stay Connected at 30,000 Feet – Inflight Meals, Entertainment and WiFi

On a Charter Flight, passengers aren’t limited to one of 2 or 3 entrees being served. They can literally design their own meal or order from a restaurant of their choice to be enjoyed while traveling in supreme comfort. There is also a wide variety of entertainment options on a charter flight. Many aircraft used for charter flights have free WiFi, high end sound or entertainment systems with iPhone/Android hook-ups and even satellite TV.

It’s Not Where You’re Going, but Who You’re With

What is a Charter Flight? - Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

Probably the greatest benefit of a charter flight is that you select who is traveling on the plane with you! This gives you a comfortable cabin setting to relax in or the privacy needed for confidential business discussions.

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