Where can you find the world’s best surf breaks this time of year? A better question might be, how can you get to them all, with all your best surfing buddies and your boards? For those passionate about riding the rip curl, there is plenty of room for your friends and your boards on board a luxury jet charter. So, with swells at their peak, why not make it an adventure you won’t soon forget by taking a luxury jet charter to one or all of these legendary surfing destinations: Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia Made famous in the film Point Break, starring the late Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, Bells Beach is located off Australia’s famed Great Ocean Road near the town of Torquay and about 65 miles southwest of Melbourne. Known internationally for having one of the best surf breaks in the world, Bells Beach is at its best from March to October when storms hit the Southern Ocean, producing six-to-eight-foot surf, with waves sometimes reaching as high as 15 feet. The Rip Curl Pro, one of the longest running world championship surfing contests, takes place at Bells Beach every April. Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Photo courtesy Tourism South Africa

Amongst one of the world’s top surf destination if you don’t mind the colder water where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean, the Cape offers from beginner to advanced surfing. A 30-minute drive from the city of Cape Town (and a handful of airports where a luxury jet charter can drop you off), Surfer’s Corner at Muizenberg is located on the shore of False Bay on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula and tends to have more gentle waves, perfect for the family. For more advanced surfing, Long Beach at Kommetjie, about a 40-minute drive from Cape Town on the south-western side of the peninsula, features wave breaks to the left and the right, which gives ample opportunities for both right-leg and left-leg dominated suffers to tackle a killer wave. Playa Pavones, Costa Rica Located a seven-hour drive from the international airport in San José, with a private jet charter you could possibly fly to into the smaller airport at Golfito and then take a two-hour unpaved drive to Pavones. It will be worth it. Pavones is a secluded beach that is not littered by tourists. Located on the southern Pacific Coast that boasts breath-taking scenery and a laid-back vibe, Pavones is said to have the longest left in the world, so you can ride a deep barrel for what seems like forever. Parlour Beach, Bathsheba, Barbados

Photo courtesy Barbados.org

Boasting great winter surfing from December to May, Parlour Beach is sandwiched between the Soup Bowl and High Rock on the east coast of Barbados. And with the Caribbean Island being only a three-hour flight aboard a luxury jet charter from Florida, it is easily accessible. Parlour has some impressive swells, where both advanced and intermediate surfers can ride both left and right. With its deep water and softer breaking waves and wide-open faces, it’s also a popular destination for long-boarders and SUPers. Want to learn some ways you can save on booking a luxury jet charter? Read our blog, on 4 Ways to Save on the Cost of Private Jet Travel.  Are you itching to catch that big wave? Stratos Jets can help you book a luxury jet charter to your perfect surf destination. Call (888) 593-9066.