Our mandate is to supply the best on-demand jet for each specific charter mission. The nimble light and mid-size jets in our network are perfect for most domestic flights. But there are times when your team needs a larger, roomier, more powerful aircraft. That’s where our heavy jet category excels. The heavy private jet plane rental aircraft are in their own price category, but the value is exceptional.

Here are three advantages of booking a heavy jet for your next charter mission.

Cabin Space & Seating

A heavy private jet plane rental is the best option when you need to transport more than 8 passengers. Most of the heavy jets in our network are configured for 8-12 passengers, but the luxurious Challenger 850 leads the category with 15 seats. The heavies are also optimized for in-flight productivity.

Challenger 850 Private Flight

Your team can stand up, stretch out, move around and collaborate. Cabins are equipped with club seating, fold-out meeting tables, power outlets, and Ka-band Wi-Fi for communication and presentations.


The heavies also have a flight-range advantage over the mid-size jets in our private jet plane rental network. Our heavies have an average range of 4,117 nautical miles. That’s an exceptionally comfortable trans-oceanic flight from Charleston SC to Berlin, Germany. However, our category-leading Gulfstream GIV-SP is capable of whisking 13 passengers up to 4,728 nautical miles. That would extend your charter flight from Charleston SC all the way to Moscow, Russia, non-stop.  

picture of a private jet


Upgrading to a heavy private jet plane rental aircraft also gives you the best executive-class amenities. Advantages include:

    • Cabins with separate work, lounge, dining, and entertainment suites
    • Larger galleys for easy meal preparation
    • Fore and aft lavatories for convenience. Some aircraft, like the Gulfstream GIV-SP, even have a shower
    • Seats that fold down into beds, or better still, an aft stateroom suite with a full bed
    • Advanced sound-insulation. Hold meetings or relax with minimal engine noise
    • Excellent luggage capacity – heavy jets can easily carry suitcases, skis, golf clubs, or presentation materials

The Stratos Benefits

If you would like to know more before your private jet plane rental, visit our Aircraft Comparison Guide. It details all the aircraft in our network, including the heavy jets. You can review considerations such as jet range, capacity, speed, and amenities before talking to a private flight advisor.

Our expert private flight advisors can also answer questions about specialized aircraft requirements, such as short runways, steep-approach airports, and noise-abatement regulations.


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