We’ve seen a recent upswing in new clients using private jet air charters. Earlier this month, we published a “Jetiquette 101” blog article to help new on-demand charter travelers. But we have also had many questions about Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), which are part of the private jet experience. In a nutshell, FBOs are private jet terminals that function somewhat differently than a large commercial terminal.

Here are five FBO questions and answers that you should know before you book your next flight.

Q: What is an FBO?

A: An FBO is an air terminal specifically for private jet flights. Their main revenue is as a refueling point for jets. However, FBOs strive to offer amenities that meet their clients’ sophisticated tastes. Most have an upscale lounge, a baggage-check and security area, and meeting rooms or workspaces for travelers. Some have even partnered with hotel chains to offer accommodations, so you could literally walk from the hotel to your aircraft.

Q: Are there FBOs at every airport?

A: Not all airports have an FBO. The major hubs for private jet air charters will have several FBOs, but smaller regional airports usually do not. A quick way to check is by looking at our Stratos Airports web page. If you enter your destination city or airport, the FBOs at that facility will be listed.  For example, if you look at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank CA, you will see the addresses and phone numbers of the two FBO facilities at the airport.

Q: How do I pick an FBO?

A: The FBO is usually chosen with your Stratos air charter agent, as part of your aircraft booking. The decision is based on the runway and fueling needs of the aircraft, but you may be able to switch FBOs for a surcharge.

Q: Can I leave my vehicle at the FBO?

A: Most FBOs offer client parking in a secure lot. If you need to arrange ground transportation, talk to our concierge Trip Support Team. They are experts at arranging ground transport, limousines, hotel accommodations anything else you need for a smooth trip.

Q: Do I need to go through security at the FBO?

A: Security and baggage checks are the same as at a commercial airport. Although, many of our private jet air charter clients are pleasantly surprised at the speed and efficiency of the check-in process at an FBO. You will still need a valid ID, and possibly additional documentation if you are traveling internationally. You and your luggage will also be scanned. Depending on the size of your luggage, it will be placed in the aircraft’s cargo hold, or you can carry it on. Mid-size and large executive jets feature in-flight cargo access. If you need an item from your suitcase, you can easily retrieve it.

The FBO experience is an extension of your Stratos private jet air charter. As such, shares the same qualities that make private jet travel superior: Bio-safety, privacy, security, comfort, and service.


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