The demand for private jet charters is rising. The bio-security, comfort, and flexibility of private jet charters are well-known to executive travelers. However, due to the recent upheaval in the aviation industry, many new travelers are opting to charter a private plane instead of purchasing a ticket with their usual commercial airline. 

At Stratos Jet Charters, our goal is to make every passenger feel relaxed and informed and that includes helping passengers familiarize themselves with the social etiquette of private jet travel. So if you are new to on-demand private aviation, here are five tips to help you enjoy your flight. 


When you charter a private plane in our network, it may use a Fixed Base Operator terminal. These are private mini-terminals that are separate from the major public terminals. It gives executives and public figures a higher level of convenience and privacy when traveling.  Accordingly, there are certain expectations: 

  • If you spot a VIP entourage, celebrity or sports star at an FBO, please respect their privacy. 
  • Refrain from posting photos of celebrities and other passengers on social media. 

In-flight Attire

Most passengers use their common-sense when dressing for a flight. You’ll want to balance comfort with suitability. Here are some guidelines:

  • Business casual is typically the most common and comfortable attire to choose.
  • Try to avoid overly scented detergent or colognes. Some noses can be extra sensitive!
  • Just like in a convenience store – no shoes, no shirt, no service. 

Social Distancing

The CDC and FAA have implemented new travel safety rules for a reason. The rules apply, even if you charter a private plane with family or other people in your “bubble.”

  • It’s highly recommended that you wear a mask in the terminal and maintain distance from others.
  • You may be required to wear your mask while boarding and  while seated, depending on the carrier. 
  • Avoid spending unnecessary time at the terminal. Our Stratos Jet Charter agents can tell you when to arrive for your pre-flight security check, so you’ll have a minimal wait time. Likewise, our expert Trip Support Team can arrange ground transport to be ready at your destination.

Be Upfront

Some new private jet travelers don’t share crucial information, for fear of appearing inexperienced.  We get it.  But being unprepared is actually worse than appearing unsophisticated.  Rest assured that we are professionals, and we will treat your questions and requests with respect. Here are some considerations:

  • Tell us about your itinerary. If you have an important meeting, Stratos can help you choose a departure or arrival time that works best for your schedule. 
  • Inform us of any special dietary or mobility needs. We can make the arrangements.
  • Be clear if you are planning to travel with children and pets. Both are welcome when you charter a private plane, but we need to know in advance to ensure everyone’s safety.

Tipping Your Aircrew

When asked about the practice of tipping in private aviation, Joel Thomas, President & CEO of Stratos Jets, offers, “A tip is a gesture, showing gratitude for someone who has not merely done their job but done their job in such a way that their passion shines through. Tips are not expected, but always appreciated.”

If you feel compelled to tip, here are the recommendations:

  • Drivers and ground service providers will already have a tip included when arranged through Stratos, so there’s no need to to tip again. 
  • Line Crew: Valets, baggage handlers, fuelers, and other pre-flight personnel usually work outdoors in all weather conditions. A $20 tip for excellent line crew help is always valued.
  • Cabin crew: Cabin attendants are usually paid a flat rate, so first-rate cabin service can be rewarded with a $100 tip per group. If you have extra needs, mobility issues, or small children, you may wish to tip more.
  • Pilots: There is no expectation to tip the pilots. However, if you feel they did extraordinary work to ensure your safety and comfort, $50 for each pilot is a classy way to show your gratitude. 

We hope these ‘jetiquette’ pointers help you feel more comfortable as a new private jet traveler.


When you are ready to enjoy the amazing comfort and safety of a private jet charter, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.