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Private Luxury Jet Trips: European Destinations to See Now

Europe has been diligently implementing new traveler safety protocols, which makes it a great time to start planning your next European visit. There are many restrictions still in place, but there’s also some really great travel opportunities as the situation evolves, particularly in Eastern Europe. 

Of course, we highly recommend checking the US Department of State Travel website before booking a trip. Nonetheless, if you have a desire to see Europe without the usual tourist crowds, now is the ideal time to plan private luxury jet travel. 

Here are 3 European destinations to consider. 


This tiny Balkan nation (population 2.8 million) has risen from the shadows of Communism by building a welcoming hospitality industry.  Visitors come for the Adriatic beaches, mountain tours, historic sites, and winery agri-tourism.  

Tirana is the perfect place to enjoy stunning sunsets while resting, recharging, and regrouping.

Although inland, the capital, Tirana, enjoys a Mediterranean climate similar to neighboring Greece. Most major hotels are located in Tirana, making it the perfect starting point for museum tours, mountain bike winery expeditions and outdoor adventures such as hiking and kayaking. 


Known for its unspoiled Adriatic beaches and historical architecture, Croatia is Europe’s hidden gem. As of July 1, 2020, non-Europeans with proper documentation are permitted to visit for business and tourism. 

Here are the top spots for private luxury jet travelers:

  • Split, an ancient Roman city, is perfect for exploring! Castles, cafes, fountains, markets, and historic sites await you.  Split’s location also makes it the ideal starting point for family vacations and yacht tours. 
  • Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city and cultural hub. Though it doesn’t offer the coastal attractions of Split, Zagreb has metropolitan charms such as palaces, cathedrals, museums, galleries, zoos, and chic restaurants.


Picturesque Istanbul offers a wide variety of activities worth chartering a private jet for.

Its strategic location has made Turkey the crossroads of history, from Alexander the Great to the mighty Ottoman Empire. The diverse landscape and exotic combination of cultures have made Turkey one of the world’s top ten destination countries. The US Department of State warns that Americans should avoid southern Turkey, near the Syrian and Iraqi borders. The northern parts of the country (including Istanbul) are safer.

Istanbul is Turkey’s capital mega-city. Founded over 2,700 years ago, Istanbul is a history buff’s dream. The glimmering mosques, stunning Topkapi Palace, gardens, and markets all yearn to be photographed.  Visitors will find all the urban amenities, including spas, shopping, restaurants, and nightclubs.  Like all destinations, there may be hygiene and social distancing restrictions in effect. However, Turkey is ready to welcome private luxury jet travelers with proper visas. 


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