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The flower seed capital of the world and the City of arts and flowers

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Known as the flower seed capital of the world; the city of arts and flowers, Lompoc in Santa Barbara county in California, is also becoming known for its wine. Its mountain range runs east to west, drawing in the cooler ocean temperatures making grape picking a little later in the season than other wine areas. It's also interesting to note that Lompoc was also briefly the home of the western branch of the Space Shuttle program in the 1980s. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Lompoc. arrow-right

Lompoc Jet Charter Information

Landscapes painted with the color of flowers. Horses running free. Beaches and vineyards. Charter flights to Lompoc to experience this eclectic gem in Santa Barbara county, California… you may feel like you’re dreamin’.

The weather is moderately consistent year-round, average highs in the summer hover around 73 degrees Fahrenheit and average winter highs a comfortable 64 degrees, lows of 42. Sounds perfect considering that walking is the preferred method of getting around town for the approx. 43,000 locals.

Things to Do in Lompoc

Charter flights to Lompoc to discover an eclectic mix of artists, flower gardens, vineyards, beach and the short-lived Space Shuttle program of the 1980s. Museums keep history from collecting too much dust and horses ‘Return to Freedom’ at a nearby horse sanctuary.

A few favorite vineyards (of an extensive list) in the area include:

  • Sanford Winery & Vineyards
  • Babcock Winery & Vineyards
  • Melville Winery

The murals of Lompoc are well known and tell the story of the town’s history, of how becoming the flower seed capital of the world made the town very attractive to locals and tourists. Walking around town, taking in the large pieces of art, is like walking in a very large outdoor art gallery, and unlike an indoor gallery, this is an activity where you can enjoy an ice-cream cone!

The museum at the Space Launch Complex 10 is a gem. It shares the rich history of the Space Shuttle program that nearly became an industry in Lompoc (however, after the Challenger disaster in 1986 at Cape Canaveral, the western branch of the program was discontinued). 

How to Book Charter Flights to Lompoc

A Stratos Jets charter agent is standing by to help you choose the right aircraft to meet your needs. Safety first, experience the ease and comfort that private air travel can provide. A few things to take into consideration when you charter flights to Lompoc include:

  • Dates you wish to fly
  • Number of passengers in your party
  • Catering sensitivities
  • Will it be a one-way or round trip?

Our experienced team of private aircraft consultants are committed to ensuring that your trip is relaxing and stress-free for you. Prior to landing, should you require travel arrangements such as a chauffeured car and driver to take you to your accommodations and dining reservations, please allow our Trip Support Team to assist you.

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Lompoc Jet Charter Airports

Charter flights to Lompoc Airport (LPC) in Lompoc, California land safely on a 4600’ asphalt runway. It is a public airport located on the north side of town near the Santa Ynez River, west of Highway 1. Downtown Lompoc is located approx. two miles from the airport, you could walk to town if you felt that your legs need a stretch or prior to landing, allow a Stratos Jets Trip Support Team member arrange a chauffeured vehicle and driver to take you to your accommodation and dining reservation.

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