Stratos Jet Charters has built a solid reputation by providing safe, comfortable private jet charters for all our passengers. Whether you are a well-traveled corporate CEO or a toddler on their first flight, we want you to have the best travel experience.

Frequently, families traveling with small children on private jet charters have a better flight experience than they would on a commercial airline. With a bit of planning, you can have a great family getaway on a private luxury jet arranged by Stratos.

Before you leave, brush up on some helpful tips for flying with kids.


Your newborn can travel on a private jet as soon as you have a valid passport for them. Babies can travel in a rear-facing car seat that can be secured with an aircraft seatbelt. If the mother delivered by Cesarean section, a doctor’s note may be required if she is flying less than six weeks after the birth.

One of the advantages of flying with kids on a private jet charter is that it is easier to access the additional items your baby will need. Baby food, milk, and medications can be brought on board as carry-on items. Although the Transportation Security Administration permits parents to bring baby supplies onboard, TSA agents have the right to inspect any liquids during screening.   


Children under the age of 2 can travel as lap passengers. It’s your choice. When flying with kids, some parents love the idea of cuddling with their child during the flight, other parents prefer that the child has their own seat.


Once children reach 2 years of age, they are required to have their own seat. Luckily, flying with kids on a private jet charter means your child can be seated in a plush, comfortable seat designed for our corporate clients. Depending on the aircraft type, some seats fold down for extra relaxation.

A Stratos private jet charter is your flight. You can control the cabin temperature, onboard meals and entertainment, cabin lighting and anything your child needs for a safe, restful flight.

Additional Tips & Perks

There are several advantages of flying with kids on a Stratos jet charter. Most jet charters are families or smaller groups that know each other well. You can breastfeed and change your child as if you were at home. Private jets also can also accommodate your stroller, diaper bags and any additional cargo items you may need for your child. Finally, in an age where airborne viruses make headlines, a private jet is a valuable option.  Many of our charter flights depart and arrive at Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s), which are usually away from the congested main airport terminal. Also, because the aircraft in our network are smaller than commercial airliners, the cabin air is filtered and refreshed more quickly. The health and safety of your family is always our priority.

If you need help with planning a family trip, our Stratos Trip Support team can help you arrange meals, entertainment and ground transportation.

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