Recently, Stratos Jet Charters received an urgent request from one of our colleagues in the charter industry. He was trying to help a family with a newborn get to medical facility 2,000 miles away.  The original flight fell through, and he was reaching out to his network for help. We immediately put him in touch with one of the most dedicated organizations in the private corporate jet community: The Corporate Angel Network. If you ever need to arrange an urgent flight, here are the ways the Corporate Angel Network and Stratos Jet Charters can help.

Corporate Angel Network

Founded in 1981, the Corporate Angel Network’s sole mission is to fly cancer patients to treatment centers at no cost. The network has partnered with Fortune 500 companies that donate vacant seats on private corporate jets. It improves the patient’s chances and reduces the stress and financial burden of getting to a treatment facility.  The Angel Network holds a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. We urge you to click on the link above to discover how you can support this vital charitable organization.

Stratos Jet Charters Urgent Care Flights

Stratos flies our charter clients to corporate meetings and on family getaways, but we are also a crucial resource for humanitarian flights.  Unlike commercial airlines, Stratos has the flexibility to quickly arrange an emergency flight. Whether it’s a family medical emergency, disaster evacuation, or security threat, we can arrange a private corporate jet to transport you safely.

Recently, we were able to help a stranded church group from Texas to fly to Haiti to provide humanitarian aid. Though the situation was not life-threatening, it demonstrated how we can use our experience and resources in unpredictable situations. (You can read the whole story in our previous blog article here: “Haiti Mission Trip”)

Even if the situation is not last-minute or life-threatening, we can still provide valuable transportation. We routinely fly patients and their families for scheduled treatments at out-of-state medical facilities. The jets can be equipped with any medical supplies required to ensure the patient has a safe, comfortable flight. Our clients also value the privacy of a private corporate jet charter. Your group, the crew, and any medical personnel needed will be the only people on your flight. 

When it comes to emergency and humanitarian flights, we are all in this together. Thanks to the great work of organizations such as Corporate Angel Network, families get the critical care they need. Stratos Jet Charters also takes pride in helping families get medical care and get to safety. Sometimes, one flight makes all the difference.


Any time you need flexible emergency air transportation, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.