How a Last-minute Charter Plane Saved a Haiti Mission Trip

When a member of a Texas church group called to say they’d missed their flight and needed to get to Haiti—all 22 of them, and within hours, on a charter plane—Stratos was up for the challenge.

The Friendswood Community Church, of Friendswood, Texas, had set out on a Saturday in July for Calebasse, Haiti, to take part in a mission that would, over seven days, see them help build a family’s house, acquire food and supplies for 200 children to attend their bible school, and deliver the funds for 19 children to attend the first grade. A pretty big mission indeed.

So, when a Friendswood member phoned, only slightly frantic, and explained to the agent that they needed to get to Calebasse right away, or everything would fall apart for the children and families they’d planned to help, our team worked quickly to arrange the flight of a charter plane and make things happen.

“Two of our controllers are Haitian US citizens, and all of us were thinking about the kids in Haiti and the mission itself, so we were really eager to help,” says Joel Thomas, President and CEO, Stratos Jet Charters Inc.

Their commercial airline was able to get them from Texas to Fort Lauderdale. When they arrived at FLL, Stratos arranged for a shuttle to meet them at baggage to take them to the private jet terminal. And since the shuttle only seats 10, the driver, Roberto, made three trips.


Stratos agents dived in to arrange the flight that got this Texas church group to Haiti for a very important mission trip.

Stratos agents dived in to arrange the flight that got this Texas church group to Haiti for a very important mission trip.

From there, the team was seated on an IBC Airways 30-passenger ER145, the perfect charter plane for the Friendswood group.

And so, once their bags were stowed and everyone had found a seat, one of them took a picture before takeoff, of their team at the end of a hectic day but the beginning of such a meaningful journey, smiling, every one of them. Way to go Friendswood!

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