How Can You Book a Private Jet Right Now?

What if when you missed a flight or found out about a family emergency, you knew of a way to book a private jet in…minutes? Chartering a plane is faster and simpler than ever.

Staying Focused in a Hectic Situation

There are many reasons why people miss flights, from getting caught in traffic and inclement weather to date mix-ups and arriving at the wrong airport. Rather than dwell on an unfortunate (and possibly unavoidable) situation, it’s important to understand there are still ways of getting where you need to go. And sometimes, it’s for good news, like the birth of a granddaughter or the announcement of the venue for the big game. Either way, in instances like these, the question becomes: How can you book a private jet right now?

What Are Your Options?

Many private jet companies like Stratos Jet Charters can scramble a private plane, pilots and crew with as little as four hour’s notice. With access to more than 7,000 pre-screened aircraft worldwide, there’s a good chance of finding a suitable aircraft in your vicinity. And there are a number of ways to get the ball rolling on a last-minute flight:

1. Call Stratos

Phoning Stratos directly (toll free (888) 478-7286) is the fastest course of action. Agents are available 24/7 and once they’re aware of your predicament, they’ll leap into action to find the quickest solution available. Once initial contact is made, you’ll be assigned an agent who’ll be your single point of contact throughout the booking process. This avoids any duplication of effort and makes for a more satisfying customer experience.

2. Look online

You can also request a quote online by filling out the details of your required flight along with your contact information. It’s important to note that while online requests are frequently checked, phoning directly will eliminate any lag time between you filling out the form and an agent seeing it. After all, every minute counts.

3. Check our list of one-way private jet charters

Stratos's new mobile friendly deadhead flights page provides easy access to info about dozens of private jet empty leg specials.

Stratos’s new mobile friendly deadhead flights page provides easy access to info about dozens of private jet empty leg specials.

Another option worth exploring is the availability of one-way charters (aka deadhead or empty-leg flights). Stratos recently unveiled a mobile-friendly database for deadhead flights on its website. The mobile feature is incredibly handy for people stranded at airports, and other on-the-go travelers who don’t have access to computers. To learn more, read our press release, Stratos Launches Mobile-Friendliest Deadhead Flights Page. Empty legs can save money on private air travel, but because they’re unscheduled trips they might not match your itinerary perfectly. That said, they might end up being the best option. Your trip support agent can quickly analyze the air charter market to locate nearby private planes with similar positioning needs as your itinerary.

Once You Book a Charter Flight:

Charter Flight Trip Support

Trip support agents such as Megan are on stand-by to help you organize all of the details of your private jet charter.

  Stratos Jets Trip Support Team handles the organizational details of your jet charter and coordinates all aspects of your private travel.  They’re sole focus is to ensure that your day of travel is goes precisely as planned and all concierge services (Such as catering and ground transportation) are organized and delivered appropriately. Our trip support department is available 24/7 to help make sure your next private jet charter is perfect. Do you need to book an emergency flight? Stratos Jet Charters can organize private jet services with as little as four hour’s lead-time. Our agents are available 24/7— (888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online.

Are you ready to book your best charter flight yet?

Our friendly, expert private flight advisors are here to answer questions or start your quote today. Don`t wait, call right now and we can get you on your way to the destination of your choice!

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