The recent announcement of Air New Zealand’s “Economy Skynest” will be welcome news for mile-high club wannabes. Recently, we surveyed 2,000 people who fly at least once a year – including a few pilots and flight attendants – to ask about what really happens when they are up in the air. Coach is where the action is happening 79.6 percent of the time. With the addition of Skynest – which is specifically for coach passengers – we expect this number to increase significantly. If sitting in a seat or walking in the aisle will do it for you, then adding a laydown bed in coach will be too much to resist for some people. We expect Skynest to become the new hotbed for mile-high action. Pun very much intended. Currently, this is where the action is happening: If you have had a sexual encounter on a plane, where did it happen? 79.6 percent said a seat in coach/economy 25 percent said the bathroom 22.1 percent had an encounter in business class 4 percent said in the aisle 2.8 percent responded in the galley area 0.8 percent in the cockpit Where will Skynest sit on this list? Our estimate is 45 percent given current data and the additional privacy afforded to passengers in Skynest. (Note: These percentages add up to more than 100 percent because we asked respondents to “check all” of the places they’ve engaged in romantic activity. For some, this means more than one location.) In our survey, fewer than 4 percent admitted to truly joining the Mile-High Club by having intercourse in-flight. With the privacy afforded to passengers in Skynest, we have no doubt that this number will increase. Air New Zealand says this latest in-flight innovation will be a “game changer on so many levels”. We couldn’t agree more. Skynest is likely to become the newest (and most comfortable) air-ogenous zone for those wanting to join the mile-high club.

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We conducted an online survey of more than 2,000 recent airline passengers. Respondents came from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. They ranged in age from 21 to 72. They were 51.3 percent women and 48.7 percent men.

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