Smart travelers know good value when they find it, especially when they find cheap private jet flights to a destination they need to get to anyway. The key to finding a reduced-rate flight in the Stratos Charter network is to do a bit of research and be flexible. Our integrated Marketplace Platform is the perfect tool to save more money on your next jet charter.

Whether you are new to private jet travel or are a seasoned traveler, you will find several great ways to take advantage of our empty leg flights below. 

What is an empty leg flight?

Essentially it is a re-positioning flight. A specific aircraft must be flown to a specific airport to meet a specific client obligation.  However, Stratos Jet Charters and our network carriers don’t want to fly jets without passengers. So we offer Empty Leg flight discounts to fill an otherwise empty aircraft. Depending on the destination and the size of your group, you could book a cheap private jet flight for less than you would pay for first-class seats on a commercial jet! 

How can the Stratos Air Charter Marketplace help?

The Stratos Air Charter Marketplace is an efficient way to match travelers with private air carriers. Until now, the main

Gulfstream G550 Private Jet

Empty leg flights offer all the benefits of private aviation at a fraction of the original cost.

logistical challenge was connecting passengers with a carrier needing to fill an empty aircraft. Unlike scheduled commercial flights, on-demand private air charters set their own custom itineraries.

However, the marketplace makes scheduling a cheap private jet flight much easier! Just post your travel requirements and approved charter vendors will respond with quotes. You can browse the quotes to book the charter that meets your needs. If you are flexible, you could even string together a group of empty-leg flights for even greater savings.

It’s all about flexibility

The key to the integrated Stratos Marketplace application is passenger flexibility.  The software is smart enough to mitigate scheduling conflicts, but human common sense is essential. If you are booking a cheap private jet flight, you may not be able to change your itinerary, group size, baggage quantity, or other variables.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our expert private charter agents at 888-593-9066. We’d be happy to help you book a safe, seamless comfortable jet flight. Calling us is especially valuable if you are booking a flight for someone with mobility issues or other unique needs. And, as always, our concierge Trip Support Team is always available to arrange ground transportation, special meals, and other amenities to make your trip perfect.  

With the right information tools, a bit of flexibility, and an awesome charter support team, you could enjoy all the perks of a private jet flight at a significantly reduced price! 


Discover the extraordinary safety and personal luxury of a private jet air charter. Call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.