It seems each technological development shrinks the world a tiny bit with its release. And as the business world shrinks, global travel becomes a corporate necessity. While international travel is hardly new to Stratos executive travelers, the demand for long-range charter aircraft continues to grow. 

Canadian jet manufacturer Bombardier has responded with a true 21st-century jet – the Global 5500. This elegant 16-seat aircraft just entered service on June 25th, 2020. So, if you need a long-range jet, and are eager to try one of the newest aircraft in the category, here is what you can expect on Stratos Global 5500 charter flights.


Exceptional range capability is the essence of Global 5500 charter flights. Bombardier’s ultimate goal was to create a jet that could travel 5,900 nautical miles, (6,790 miles) at Mach 0.9 speed. Suddenly, new markets and international headquarters are now just one flight away. In real-world terms, the Global 5500 is capable of flying from Los Angeles to Moscow, or London to Hong Kong, non-stop.

 The Global 5500 is as comfortable as it is practical.

There are multiple advantages to flying non-stop on a Global 5500 charter flight.

First, it simplifies the logistics – You board, you fly in unparalleled comfort, and deplane at your destination refreshed.  No need to interrupt your flight for refueling, or having to change aircraft at a new departure gate.

Second, biosecurity risks are minimized.  A non-stop flight means you will only encounter those people in your group and the flight crew.  


The aircraft’s outstanding range is only beneficial if the flight is comfortable. Fortunately, Bombardier has thought of every possible amenity for comfort and productivity.

Amenities include:

  • Three distinct lounge areas: a club suite, a conference suite, and a private suite
  • Patented ultra-comfortable Nuage seats, including a Nuage lounge-chair in the private suite.

     The Global 5500 is perfect for in-flight business meetings.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, capably of streaming 4K HD video conferences and entertainment.
  • Luggage access from the cabin; you can always grab an item from your suitcase.
  • Advanced HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of allergens and viruses. Cabin air can be completely refreshed in 90 seconds.
  • Ultra-quiet sound insulation allows you to meet, relax, and sleep in quiet privacy.

Stratos advantages

One of the benefits of booking a Stratos Global 5500 charter flight is our exemplary safety record. Since the Global 5500 is a newer aircraft, pilots in our network must demonstrate proficiency with similar long-range jets. Stratos also has the advantage of an expert concierge Trip Support team. If you need special meals, ground transportation, hotel or conference room bookings, ask Trip Support to take care of it. We want every aspect of your flight, including the logistics, to be as safe, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible.


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