We’ll bet that some of you reached this page by searching for “reputable private air charter.”  Since the disruptions to the commercial airlines this year, we are seeing more first-time charter travelers using our Stratos Jet Charters website and booking services. Frequently, first-time visitors to our site are on a quest for a trustworthy on-demand jet charter broker.  

So how can a traveler sort the unethical “jet-mart” brokers from the safe, reputable brokers? Here are four considerations to help you find the best broker for your jet travel needs. 


The very first thing to look for is a culture of safety. It’s easy to spot… the reputable firms provide detailed information and links to their air safety accreditation. 

Here’s what to look for:

  • Is the private air charter brokerage monitored by third-party auditors such as Wyvern and ARGUS?
  • Does the brokerage have a rigorous Approved Vendor Program to thwart unsafe carriers? 
  • Have the carriers implemented biosafety protocols to ensure everyone’s health?


We all love a travel bargain, but now more than ever, if the price is “too good to be true,” it’s probably risky.  Unreliable private air charter brokerages frequently offer cut-rate prices at the expense of safety and maintenance.  Trustworthy agencies will provide flexibility and pricing transparency. 

For example:

  • Does the brokerage offer a private air charter pricing calculator?
  • Can potential travelers compare multiple aircraft side-by-side?
  • Are online maps available to help travelers plan itineraries?
  • Is there toll-free and email support for quotations and any additional queries?


What sets a good private air charter firm apart is exceptional flexibility. Some brokerage firms have a limited selection of available aircraft. That’s fine, as long as they don’t try to shoe-horn you into an inadequate aircraft.

The established companies have a broad network of aircraft to fit every charter mission type. It’s about scalability. Whether you need a 4-passenger turboprop for a fishing weekend or a 16-seat corporate jet for an international summit, your broker should be able to provide the ideal aircraft. 

Additional Factors

Trip Support can step in, efficiently and effectively organizing every aspect of your upcoming trip.

The following aren’t “deal-breakers” when choosing a private air charter brokerage, but they are valuable considerations in your research.  

  • Are the brokerage and carriers sufficiently insured?  For example, our Stratos passengers are covered by our brokerage policy and by the carrier’s policy, for over $75 million in liability coverage.
  • Does the charter brokerage offer additional services? The best brokerages have a concierge Trip Support team that can arrange assistance for disabled travelers, book ground transportation, accommodation, and special in-flight meals. 
  • Does the brokerage publish reviews? While there are no perfect brokerages, if the majority of the comments are positive, you can book your charter with more confidence.

A little bit of research and some easy-to-spot criteria will help you find the best private jet broker for your next trip.


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