ARGUS stands for Air Research Group – United States. This private company provides independent safety audits and inspections for jet charter operators, including Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. ARGUS, founded by American Joe Moeggenberg in 1996, provides auditing reports for a range of companies in the business aviation sector, including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Financing companies
  • Charter operators
  • Maintenance providers
  • Marketing firms

Onsite Safety Audits

ARGUS provides reports to Part 135 operators and other companies that offer private jet charter services. In order to obtain a true ‘process and systems’ audit, Stratos Jets voluntarily opened its doors to allow ARGUS to conduct a thorough onsite audit that measured Stratos’:

  • Safety protocols
  • Organizational structure
  • Company financial strength
  • Operations procedures
  • Staff training and ability

Improving Jet Charter Operations

In turn, Stratos received actionable feedback that highlighted its strengths and weaknesses as an air charter broker. Additionally, the audit provided targeted recommendations for systematically improving the way it operates to:

  • Provide better service to clients
  • Meet company goals
  • Adopt industry best practices

ARGUS certification is a voluntary program. As a result, companies that choose to enroll in it demonstrate a commitment to operating transparently. It also shows a willingness to provide the highest level of air charter safety. In addition to onsite safety audits, ARGUS also provides independent safety inspections of aircraft when they’re requested for private jet charter flights.

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