When a client reaches out to a Stratos team member, our first step is to understand their travel needs.  By learning about their needs, we can help guide them into an informed buying position. We know we’ve fulfilled our mission of providing exceptional customer service when clients are offered fair pricing and honest insights into the aircraft and operators available for their flight.  We pride ourselves in providing access to and recommending the industry’s safest aircraft.

Once a charter flight is booked, we seek to deliver an exceptional travel experience beginning with the seamless coordination of the clients travel plans with the schedule of the air carrier.  We ensure that all service providers and key contacts of the travelers are kept informed on the day of departure, through their arrival and until they reach their intended destination. 

And this is where FlightAware really helps us shine.

An integrated experience

Through Stratos Marketplace and the FlightAware XML, we have access to real-time positioning data on every aircraft we charter.  This helps us provide a better customer experience.  We are able to set up automated alerts related to the movements of the assigned aircraft, keeping us on track with both the clients’ schedule and concierge service providers. By creating alerts for aircraft departure and arrival, we keep ourselves, our clients, and everyone else involved with the flight informed.

flightaware flight tracking on stratos marketplace

Keeping loved ones informed

For some, air travel can be exciting. For others, it can be a stressful experience. And that doesn’t mean just the passengers. Family members on the ground want to remain informed on their loved one’s position in the sky, and FlightAware provides that visibility. 

From time-to-time, we also deal with executive assistants. These efficient coordinators are also keen on knowing the details of their boss’ flight. They need to keep the executive’s schedule flowing seamlessly and ensure all the necessary preparations have been made both before and after the flight. 

For both scenarios, the visibility into the aircraft movements is invaluable. 

Supporting the ground support crew

Other parties that greatly benefit from FlightAware XML are the ground support services teams. When additional services have been arranged through our Trip Support team, we can communicate with ground support about our client’s exact departure and arrival times.

For example, we can advise ground support when the client is wheels up and then provide the estimated arrival time, allowing them to take the steps they need to complete their service portion efficiently and on schedule. This gives support services such as ground transportation the ability to have the requested vehicle waiting at the nearest FBO when the plane touches down. 

Having this kind of visibility greatly increases passenger satisfaction and allows us to deliver on our promise to provide exceptional customer service.    

Keeping our commitment to safety

When a tail number is assigned and entered into the system, we can see its last flight, which allows us to ensure our clients’ safety. If the aircraft we’re looking at booking has been on several recent flights, we can then reach out to the carrier and pose several questions about the flight crew.

Under the 10/24 duty and rest requirement, crews that have logged more than 10 hours in the past 24 hours are ineligible to continue flying. By researching the tail number of the booked aircraft, we can assure that the flight crew follows this requirement, thus providing the safest possible charter for passengers.

For the Stratos team and our clients, FlightAware plays a considerable role in the entire charter experience, and we’re incredibly grateful for all the benefits it delivers.