In many ways, Stratos Jet Charters is in the business of fulfilling a dream.  The dream of flight is as old as humanity itself. But even a century after the Wright brothers’ first flight, flying still has a certain inherent wonder to it. Jet engines were developed only 80 years ago, and the first private jet aircraft was produced less than 60 years ago. What is a commonplace necessity in our era was once utter fantasy a few generations ago. 

So let’s take a step back, and look at the big picture. How did private aviation emerge, and where is it going in the twenty-first century?

Learjet & the emergence of business aviation

We are not going to review the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in 1903. Or go over the historic first jet-powered flight in 1939. In many respects, the jet-powered private aviation industry started in 1963 – the year Bill Lear introduced the first private Learjet. It was not a commercial aircraft adapted for private use; it was purpose-built to meet the needs of traveling executives and VIPs. It was the fulfillment of a dream. Finally, those with the means could fly anywhere, anytime in superb luxury.  Though the term “jet set” was coined in the late 1950s, it accurately describes the freedom and exhilaration of private aviation in the ‘60s.

Today’s private jet industry

Let’s fast forward to 2006. Private aviation is now a mature industry, with multiple jet manufacturers and agencies competing for corporate travel clients. The jet charter industry has emerged, allowing travelers to rent an on-demand jet without having to buy an aircraft. But intense competition has also led to some operators to cut corners to make a profit. 

Longtime aviation buff Joel Thomas noted the trend and knew he could do better. He founded Stratos Jet Charters in 2006 with the mandate to make safety the priority.  His passion for safe private aviation led him to serve as president of the Air Charters Association of North America (ACANA) and helped Stratos become of the first brokerages monitored by a third-party safety agency, ARGUS.

Thomas’ ‘culture of safety’ has enabled Stratos to become one of the most trusted, flexible charter brokerages in the private aviation industry. Looking forward, the Stratos network is now able to provide charters for almost any type of mission – VIP travel, cargo transport, medical evacuation, family getaways, and more. With recent disruptions to the commercial airline industry, a robust private charter industry is more valuable than ever.  

Soaring into the future

So what does the future hold for the industry?  We’re seeing several exciting trends. 

  • One is the growth of family charters, where you can travel with people in your own “bio-safety bubble” with reduced risk of exposure. 
  • Another innovative trend is the use of biofuels and electric aircraft to reduce emissions. 
  • And some jet manufacturers are designing high-speed “boomless” private jets than can fly faster than Mach 1 without creating a window-shattering sonic boom.

All these aviation endeavors started as dream… “How can we fly where we want?” By focusing on safety, innovation, and comfort, Stratos and the private aviation industry are ready to soar even higher through the twenty-first century. 

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