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We know our clients like to travel in style with the best quality jets we can offer but we thought it might be interesting to see how the celebrities do it. Using publicly available data and our own pricing tools, we have created a list of the 20 celebrities, including the top 10 private jet users, who spend the most on private air travel annually, both on their own private jets and on private chartered flights. The figures were calculated taking into account ongoing costs and based on a 400 flying hours basis.

Our research found that some of top 10 private jet users are spending more than $9,000,000 on luxury private air travel. See the league table below to find out who is living the high life*:

1. Donald Trump – $9,250,000, Trump Force One (Boeing 747-200B)

2. Vladimir Putin – $5,300,000, IL-96-300PU

3. Angela Merkel – $4,600,000, Airbus A340-313X VIP

4. President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev – $4,460,000, Airbus A330-243 Prestige

5. Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, $4,260,000, Airbus A340-212

6. Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia – $3,860,000, Boeing 747-400

7. Roman Abramovich – $3,580,000, Boeing 767-33AER (Owned)

8. Boris Johnson – $2,700,000, Airbus A330

9. John Travolta – $2,250,000, Boeing 707 (Owned)

10. Kylie Jenner – $1,450,000, Bombardier Global 7500 (Owned)

11. Beyonce and Jay Z – $1,385,000, Challenger 850 Learjet (Owned)

12. Mark Cuban – $1,250,000, Boeing 767 (Owned)

13. Prince Albert II of Monaco – $1,140,000, Dassault Falcon 7X

14. Jim Carrey – $1,050,000, Gulfstream V (Owned)

15. Taylor Swift – $985,000, Falcon 900 (Owned)

16. Celine Dion – $970,000, Bombardier BD 700 Global Express (Owned)

17. Tom Cruise – $950,000, Gulfstream IV-SP (Owned)

18. Oprah Winfrey – $950,000, Bombardier Global Express XRS (Owned)

19. David Beckham – $870,000, Bombardier Challenger 350 (Owned)

20. Kim K – $730,000, Mid-size jet

Looking at the list, it’s clear that the heads of state are not against spending cash when it comes to private air travel. These politicians not only have their own luxury aircrafts, but they also have the state’s finest jets at their service, whenever needed.

During is time as President, Donald Trump sat at the top of the top 10 private jet user list with an impressive $9,250,000 bill per year. Considering there were actually two aircraft at the past Presidents’ disposal, the bill could have actually been closer to $20,000,000.

Also in the category of top 10 private jet users, in seventh place, is politician turned Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich. Although he has a number of aircrafts under his belt, Abramovich’s prized possession is the Boeing 767-33AER, also known as ‘the bandit.’

The Boeing 767-33AER has a catalogue value of over $180 million and is kitted out with a banquet hall with room for 30 people, a kitchen, an office and an anti-ballistic defense system. It’s no wonder the aircraft has a high price tag.

After refitment and upgrades, the aircraft is estimated to be worth a whopping $300,000,000.

When considering what the top 10 private jet users spend annually, there are multiple factors that could lead to a high annual cost. Operating the jet itself can cost anywhere between $650 – $29,000 per hour. There are further variable costs, such as:

  • maintenance (parts and labor)
  • engine reserves
  • fuel
  • auxiliary power units if applicable
  • miscellaneous expenses including crew travel, catering and cabin supplies, landing and parking fees

Which country uses private jets the most?

By looking at the list above, it would appear that the top 10 private jet users are scattered all across the globe, but the United States is home to the highest number of private aircraft.

Which celebrity uses the most CO2?

In a recent article published by Insider a few months ago, Taylor Swift sat at the top of the list.  Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez also grace the top of that list.

Does Taylor Swift have a private jet?

She does! Swift owns a Dassauly Falcon 7X, and it’s been reported that her jet has taken 170 flights between the beginning of January, 2022 and mid July of the same year.


When discussing celebrities and the top 10 private jet users, Joel Thomas, President of Stratos Jet Charters, says, “It’s interesting to see just how much celebrities, public figures, and world leaders spend on their air travel. Chartering a private jet can be just as luxurious—and a lot easier on the bank account—than buying one, but there is definitely something about owning your own jet.”

Thomas adds, “At Stratos Jets, our clients know to expect the best choice of aircraft, friendly crew, and unrivalled experience when they use our services, even if they want to fly like a President.”

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